Garden Ornaments

Interested in a handmade Siamese cat suncatcher made from stained glass? How about a rooster, owl, or cat sculpture to keep the birds in your backyard on their toes? Our huge collection of garden ornaments will give your backyard pizzazz.

From sparkling mobiles to parrot bicycle spinners to a birdfeeder that doubles as a portly sleeping cat, we have hundreds of cool garden ornaments to keep your backyard lively. All our garden ornaments come with rapid shipping and a 30-day money-back guarantee, so you can be confident you’ll get the product that fits your needs.

Garden Ornaments
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Regal Art & Gift Bronze Heron - 45 inch
$59.99 $73.50

Beautifully made and detailed egret. Certainly will compliment any yard and looking forward to this great addition in our home in Florida. Quality product, great price, as well as service. How could you go wrong? Looking forward to ordering the heron pair as well!

We love it have received many complements , gave one to my son he own 11 golf car business.

It was a gift. They liked it.

I gave this to a friend for Christmas and she really liked it

Love my ladybug spinner!!

I LOVE my Breeze Patriot Sparkler Hot Air Balloon. It was easy to put together and looks beautiful hanging over my deck. My neighbors love it, too. Thank you for making such a beautiful product available.

Very nice. It works well and looks good. A great addition to any yard.

Love this ornament! It spins in the sun in my garden. The flash of light as it spins keeps the birds out of my plants- not what I intended but a nice advantage! I bought it for its beauty and it is beautiful.