Looking for a window bird feeder so you can watch hummingbirds frolic from the comfort of your home?  How about a stylish red barn bird house to keep your backyard popular among cardinals, bluebirds or other feathered friends?  Backyard Chirper has the largest selection of bird house and bird feeder products on the Internet, all offered at affordable prices and covered with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Extensive birding selection, personal customer service


We're committed to finding you the bird feeder or house that fits your needs. Besides having a great selection of bird feeder and bird house products, we're a small business with 10 customer service employees, all with expert knowledge of our extensive bird feeder collection.

Our desire to ensure customer satisfaction is the reason we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee on all our products. Not sure if you want a window feeder, a hopper feeder or a platform feeder? Our learning section will help you understand the difference between different bird feeder models, as will our friendly customer service staff.

High-quality bird feeder products, rave reviews

Want to hear what our customers say about us? Check out the testimonial below and the many other positive reviews we have on our comment page.
This was my first experience buying a bird feeder on the Internet. Your service was excellent. I had some questions about delivery and received almost an immediate response. My bird feeder was shipped on time. Sure beat the hassle of the stores. Thank you. Edward N. from Ellington, CT

Recent Reviews

The birds like the feeder a lot.
Joan G. from Central NY reviewed the Birds Choice Cedar Fly-Thru Bird Feeder on Monday
Exactly what my mother wanted. My dad bought one of these for her many years ago and put it up right out side their breakfast room window. It's so easy to read.
Kathleen O. from Tulsa, OK reviewed the AcuRite 12.5" Basic Thermometer on Monday
I have had several of these and the hummers are really attracted to them. I'm looking to order a couple more because the squirrels got to them and knocked them from their hanger on my deck, which is 18 feet off the ground, and they either busted when they hit the ground or the squirrels chewed up the flowers and broke the perches. I've been using these for many years, and love them. Can't wait to get new ones. I won't let the squirrels get to them this time!
Kathy C. from Bandera, TX reviewed the Artline 32 Ounce Horizontal Stripe Balloon Hummingbird Bird Feeder on Friday
Excellent choices, Excellent service !
Peter B W. from Raymond Maine reviewed the Conant Custom Brass Rain Gauge Vial Replacement (VRG1 & VRG2) on Thursday
This feeder just doesn't give enough height for any birds except really small one to get to any food. And I was disappointed that the " baffle " over the top doesn't prevent squirrels from hanging on and emptying out the large container. I believe there are better feeders out there that feed a larger range of birds and prevent squirrel binges that aren't as expensive.
Mimi W. from Greenville, SC reviewed the Birds Choice Hanging 20" Classic Bird Feeder with Baffle - Green on Monday
I like this feeder. If placed far enough from a limb, it DOES work as a squirrel deterrent!! (That is my number one goal in finding feeders these days.) It holds a good amount of food and the "roof" still allows birds of a certain size to get to their food. It is really fun to watch the squirrels try to gain traction and slip off.
Mimi W. from Greenville, SC reviewed the Arundale Mandarin SkyCafe Bird Feeder on Monday
I have had the feeder for over 10 years, and live in Scottsdale, AZ where temperatures in the summer are most often over 100 degrees. This has been a wonderful feeder, however after all these years I need to purchase another as the bottom under the metal feeding area is plastic and the heat has caused the outer flange to disintegrate. I definitely recommend this style for both beauty and use. I have hummers all year long.
Cw L. from Scottsdale, AZ reviewed the Schrodt Ruby Crystal Spiral Hummingbird Bird Feeder on Wednesday
Great conversation piece at back yard parties !!!
Emil K. from Barrington.IL reviewed the Premier Designs Island Parrot Spinner 20 inch on Thursday
Great conversation piece at back yard parties !!!
Emil K. from Barrington.IL reviewed the Premier Designs Island Parrot Spinner 20 inch on Thursday
This is a nice looking house, well built. However it is quite heavy as I think it is made out of particle board. One major fault is that it does not have ventilation below the roof. I have had it up for about a year and have not seen any birds take an interest.
James M. from Seattle, WA reviewed the Green Solutions Wren House on Saturday

A bit of bird feeding history

male house finch

Though bird feeding has been a popular hobby since ancient time, the first person who recorded feeding birds was a sixth-century monk named Saint Serf of Fife, who tamed a young robin by giving it food. Around the same time, a German named Baron von Berlepsch built boxes with feeding devices to attract birds, with the goal of reducing insect populations.

Today, over 55 million Americans engage in some sort of bird feeding; many have a bird feeder in their yard. Once birds know that your yard is a place of solace, they'll likely return every year in growing numbers. Their presence is not something only you'll value, but your friends and loved ones as well.

Why buy a bird house, bird feeder or bird bath?

For nature enthusiasts--especially bird-lovers--a bird feeder is an exciting way to liven up a backyard garden or patio. Whether it's meditating on the soothing songs of cardinals or watching a golden-breasted oriole swoop into your yard, a bird feeder provides an added dose of natural excitement.

Buying a bird feeder or bird house is also a caring way to aid some of nature's most majestic, yet vulnerable creatures. Winters mean cold weather and food scarcity for many bird species, so by providing shelter and sustenance, you'll be helping out birds in need.

A bird house is a gift anyone can enjoy!

No matter if it's Father's Day, Mother's Day, a birthday or a graduation, a bird feeder or bird house is a fabulous gift. With our top-notch customer-service and 30-day money-back guarantee, you've got nothing to lose, so pick out the perfect bird feeder for someone special today!

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