AcuRite Thermometers

AcuRite Thermometers

For more than 60 years, AcuRite has been a leading manufacturer of accurate timepieces and reliable thermometers. Through its technological innovations, AcuRite has empowered countless people with information while creating durable products that last a lifetime. Along with the timepieces, the company also manufactures a variety of weather instruments, including rain gauges and digital humidity displays.

We're so confident AcuRite will give you the most accurate readings that we back every product with a 30-day, money-back guarantee.

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By Kathleen O.
AcuRite 12.5" Basic Thermometer

Exactly what my mother wanted. My dad bought one of these for her many years ago and put it up right out side their breakfast room window. It's so easy to read.

This was purchased as a gift for a friend. She is very happy with it.

By D M.
AcuRite 3.5" Metal Thermometer with Swing Arm

Just what we needed. Only drawback is the holder for the meter. Needs to be crimped a little to keep the meter from swinging around in the wind. Half to wait until the snow goes down and temp goes up to fix.

By Yaakov W.
AcuRite 12.5" Basic Thermometer

Product is great. Getting off the email list is impossible.

By Richard C.
AcuRite 10.75" Weathered Copper Thermometer

My thermometer is always about 5 degrees from the actual temperature, so I just subtract that much from what the reading is.

Order arrived very promptly. The cardinal thermometer is very pretty and is a nice addition to my condo patio--just what I was looking for! I am not sure that it is perfectly accurate, but close enough.

By Sally S.
AcuRite 12.5" Basic Thermometer

If you are interested in knowing the temperature outdoors, this is the thermometer for you. It is extremely accurate. The numbers are large and can be seen from quite a distance. It's basic - no frills - and very functional.

I bought the Audubon Collection Goldfinches II thermometer for my adult son's birthday. He is confined to a wheelchair. The Goldfinches are beautiful and very nice size. The thermometer is easy to read and just the right size.