Animal Mug Collection

Animal Mug Collection

Want to add some wildlife to your morning coffee?  Our animal mug collection features a wide array of attractive ceramic mugs adorned with various wildlife designs.   Wolves, bears, ducks, fish, pheasant and other creatures are all available animal mug designs. 

We also carry numerous attractive wildlife coaster sets, so you can put down your drink without worrying about damaging your table or other furniture.  Our wildlife coasters have many of the same designs as our animal mugs.  They come in sets of four, and include a sleek gift box that doubles as a coaster holder.  

Having trouble deciding which animal mug is right for you?  Call our friendly customer service staff and they’ll be happy to assist you in picking out the perfect product.

This mug is so adorable! I monitor bluebird nesting boxes in my area and this is probably how the bluebirds view me looking in their nesting boxes when they are wanting to feed their babies. I really enjoy seeing my guests' reaction to a 'Mad Bluebird' coffee mug.

I have enjoyed my own 'Mad Bluebird' coffee mug for over ten years now. Talk about about a strong and sturdy mug! And of course the countless, "Oh how cute" responses when family and friends are served coffee from my 'bird with an attitude' mug. I was so happy to find your company online and be able to buy a couple more 15oz mugs for bluebird loving friends.