Artline Bird Feeders

Artline Bird Feeders

The two best things about bird feeding are enjoying nature and soaking up the peacefulness. With bird feeders from Artline, you can spend more time enjoying the birds and less time worrying about the durability of your feeder. Artline products are made with the best building material and a focus on functionality so you get something that looks good and works well.

We're so confident you'll love our Artline feeders that we're backing them with a 30-day, money-back guarantee on top of our fast shipping and great customer service. Take a look at our selection below.

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I looked high and low for a replacement for the woodpecker that I got years ago and has been on the tree outside my window year round through sun, rain, snow, and every kind of weather mother nature could throw at it. It's been repainted & repaired several time over the years but sadly is now beyond hope. I thankfully found a suitable replacement at Backyard Chirper. it is every bit as well made as the one it is replacing and will be there for years watching the 100's of birds that visit my feeder.

We have Natural cedar shake siding. throughout Spring, Summer, and Fall for the two years we have lived here, woodpeckers have drummed, foraged, perched, and nested in our siding causing significant damage. I heard they are very territorial and that decoys might help. I purchased two of these, one for each end of the house. One of the live woodpeckers watched as I hung the decoys, chirping in protest. They immediately abandoned my house to establish their territory elsewhere. I highly recommend these if you have a woodpecker problem. The large plastic owl left in a tree by the prior owner had no effact.

I have enjpyed my bird feeder and by the number of visitors to it I believe they do too. The only drawback I semy Coache is I believe the seed tray should be wider with the larger birds (Cardinals) in my area that have difficulty landing and eating. Maybe a smaller hopper would help. If you have squirrels in your area you will need a baffle on the 6 ft pole. I found that out 2 hours after installing the Coach Lamp bird feeder. Up the pole they went! I would recommend this product. It is easy to assemble also..

The first one I ordered leaked, I called and told you and I immediately got a replacement that works just fine. Thanks for being so prompt.

By Kathy C.
Artline 32 Ounce Horizontal Stripe Balloon Hummingbird Bird Feeder

I have had several of these and the hummers are really attracted to them. I'm looking to order a couple more because the squirrels got to them and knocked them from their hanger on my deck, which is 18 feet off the ground, and they either busted when they hit the ground or the squirrels chewed up the flowers and broke the perches. I've been using these for many years, and love them. Can't wait to get new ones. I won't let the squirrels get to them this time!

By Darcey K.
Artline Ant-Off Ant Guard

I had a white one but the S hook broke, so when I found a RED one I was thrilled. I think it attracts the HB's.

Of all our hummer feeders, this strawberry is their favorite. It's pretty easy to clean and to fill. Can't go wrong with this feeder.