Aspects Bird Feeders

Aspects Bird Feeders

Although most people tend to overlook it, the little stamp that reads "Made in the USA" still carries a lot of weight and significance. Since 1972, Aspects has manufactured its products in the United States in order to keep the quality high and manufacturing local. Along with its commitment to craftsmanship, Aspects strives to make new and innovative birding products not seen elsewhere, such as hummingbird feeders that attach to windows and protective domes to keep rain and critters away from feeders.

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Best tube-type feeder I have ever purchased. Sturdy. Easy to clean. Holds plenty of sunflower seeds. Great hanger, too. I am thinking of getting another one.

Seems to be somewhat more attractive to hummingbirds than my other feeder .

Great little finch feeder. The design stopped the raiding sparrows, and is easy to fill.

Lovely, excellent quality!

Great Item. Replaced same feeder that was around 15 years old.

Nice little feeder that works well for our ruby throat hummers. Works well, easy to fill, and stands up to the weather.

Works very well, only drawback was it apparently was keeping the birds away too. I rigged" a sort of "riser" on my tube feeder that lifted the dome just high enough for birds to get in but still protects the feeder and contents. I'm happy with it now.

This is the best type of hummingbird feeder that I have used. As our past traditional style of nectar feeder would have the occasional bird or birds, we often had 4-5 birds at a time coming to the feeder. Outstanding!