Bird Bath Heater Selection

Bird Bath Heater Selection

Winters are harsh for birds, which is why a bird bath heater is an important accessory for bird bath owners. A bird bath heater, or de-icer, will regulate the temperature of your bird bath to make sure it stays temperate, no matter what the season.

We offer a bird bath heater collection with a variety of options, when it comes to wattage and style. Each bird bath heater we sell is safe, flexible and designed to fit seamlessly with the rest of your bird bath apparel. And remember, each bird bath heater we sell is covered by a 100% money-back guarantee, so you can buy with confidence.

The de-icer appears to be very well made. It is working exactly as described. My only complaint is that when it arrived the instructions recommended that it be used with a specific brand of water resistant outdoor extension cord. I did not see this recommendation anywhere on the Backyard Chirper website. I had to send back another heavy duty outdoor extension cord that I had ordered and then order the one Backyard Chirper recommend. This should be mentioned prominently on the website.

Excellent product!!!! Shuts off when warmer than 40F. About 30 cents a day to run.

I like it and so do the birds. However, every morning I have to go reset the outlet because it's frozen in the morning. Don't know why that happens, it's a new, covered outdoor outlet I don't know that much about that, or if this happens to most people. But, it's worth it to see the birds have water in the wintertime.

We feed and provide water in our birdbaths all year long for our feathered friends. This heater is fantastic. Keeps water around 35-40 degrees even in below zero weather no frozen water anymore. Easy to replace water with unit in birdbath and the birds are not afraid to sit on it and drink or take a warm bath in winter! We have had hours of enjoyment watching them. Excellent product!

By Kathy H.
Nelson Blue Devil 200 Watt Birdbath Heater with Thermostat

We have a very large birdbath, with a diameter of around thirty inches. This heater has managed to keep the water in the birdbath ice free, even when the temperature plummets into the single digits. The only time that it had a problem working is during a snowstorm. It simply could not accommodate all the snow that fell into the water and ice began to form around the edges of the birdbath. Now, whenever a heavy snow is predicted, we empty the birdbath and disconnect the heater. As soon as the snow stops, we fill the birdbath and reconnect the heater. This heater has been a godsend.yep

By Gloria P.
Birds Choice 95 Watt KozyBird Oasis Bird Bath Heater

I ordered the KozyBird Oasis bird bath heater a couple of months ago. After reading the positive reviews, I ordered it, and I am very pleased. It has kept my bird bath free of ice. It fits perfectly in my bird bath, and because it is not a high wattage (95 watts), the water does not evaporate quickly.

The application is to heat an 8 gallon bird bath with small pump. I had to remove the fountain nozzle on the pump to increase flow to prevent freezing. So far, it works just fine. Low temp to date, 19 degrees Fahrenheit.

This is my second one! I use it in my reservoir bird bath of about 8 gallons. I do not remove it and the first one lasted about 3 ½ years. I have been very satisfied and think if I would remove it during the summer that it would probably last 5 to 7 years.

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