Bird Bath Collection

Bird Bath Collection

A bird bath makes a great centerpiece for a backyard or garden. A fountain bird bath adds the soothing sounds of flowing water to your yard, while a heated bird bath keeps birds cozy during the winter. A bird bath is easy to maintain and requires only 2-3 inches of water, as birds but don’t completely submerge themselves but just dip their wings while bathing.

We offer bird baths made of a wide range of material, from ceramic to stone to acrylic--so regardless of your taste, we have the bird bath for you. In addition, each bird bath we sell is backed by a 100% money-back guarantee, ensuring that you’ll find the perfect bird bath for you backyard.

Shipment was received earlier than expected and in great condition.

I absolutely love this bird bath. Easy to assemble. The umbrella raining water is so cool. I would recommend it. As the instructions state it works great as long as it is in the sun.

Love our hanging bird bath. We have it hanging on a shepherds hook on one side and a bird feeder on the other. It is the perfect size and the birds seems to love it. I went to eight different locations looking for this item and there was none to be found until I discovered your web site. Thanks so much

By Nancy S.
Winged Aquatics Brass Bird Bath - Green Patina

This product has a nice appearance and seems durable. However, the bowl is slippery and the birds have difficulty staying in a drinking position. They keep sliding towards the water.

The bird bath arrive with a broken chip on top of one side. Broken piece was not in shipping box so must have happen before being shipped. Since birdbath is heavy and more trouble to return than use, I had my son set it up in back yard. The birds don't seem to mind broken piece.

It's perfect! Beautiful too.

The beautiful bluebird bird bath was a birthday gift for my daughter and she loves it. Delivered promptly and packed very well. Shipping was very reasonable and we were very happy with the quality. Thank you for such a wonderful birdbath at a discounted price. We will shop here again.

By Lucy L.
Kelkay Woodland Squirrel Bird Bath

A lovely garden accent. East to clean and the birds seem to enjoy it.

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