Bird CDs & Bird DVDs

Bird CDs & Bird DVDs

Our collection of bird CDs and bird DVDs is a grab-bag of birding information and entertainment. Most of our bird CDs feature bird melodies, with a variety of purposes. Some are intended simply as soothing entertainment, others to attract certain bird species. We also have audio field guides that help train your ear to recognize different kinds of bird calls in the wild.

Our bird DVDs bring the power and beauty of bird watching onto your T.V. screen. Ever want to see a hummingbird feed in slow-motion? How about watch an owl roost in the wild? Our bird DVD collection features these videos and more.

Bird CDs and bird DVDs make excellent gifts for birthday or Christmas, so pick one out for your friends or family today.

Naturescapes Nature and Flute CD
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The CD was used for a memorial service. It was beautiful!

I was looking for a good wild birdsong CD when I came across the 2 Naturescapes Backyards Birds CD's. The first release release has all the common birds that I am already familiar with and can often hear in my own yard. The 2nd one had a much more interesting collection of birds that I found more appealing, and I was pleasantly surprised by the variety of sounds included, like the many territorial calls, gutteral sounds, pecking, drilling, all mixed in with the chirping and singing, making a natural outdoor cavalcade of bird sounds. I love it, and my pet birds do too.

The bird sounds help me to fall asleep.

I didn't want a CD that had music in it.

This is one of the best CD's ever!!!! So relaxing to work by, meditate by, clean house....great CD!!!!

The songbird CD we found somewhat disappointing? I was shopping for a CD to identify bird song with. The CD does but you have to read along on the package.

I gave this one as a gift and didn't get to hear it but the person I gave it to raved about it. She has a pet robin and plays it for him all the time.