Peterson Books Bird CDs & Bird DVDs

Peterson Books Bird CDs & Bird DVDs

The CD was used for a memorial service. It was beautiful!

I was looking for a good wild birdsong CD when I came across the 2 Naturescapes Backyards Birds CD's. The first release release has all the common birds that I am already familiar with and can often hear in my own yard. The 2nd one had a much more interesting collection of birds that I found more appealing, and I was pleasantly surprised by the variety of sounds included, like the many territorial calls, gutteral sounds, pecking, drilling, all mixed in with the chirping and singing, making a natural outdoor cavalcade of bird sounds. I love it, and my pet birds do too.

The bird sounds help me to fall asleep.

I didn't want a CD that had music in it.

By James H.
Thayer Birding Software Birds of N. America Version 4

Am taking ornithology class and have bird ID quiz every other week. Professor recommended this DVD. It's very valuable not only to learn a species but to compare 2 species, side by side, on the screen. Much info on each species too.

By Krista B.
100 Western Classic Movies - 8 DVD Collection

I bought the DVD set for my Dad as a Father's Day gift. I haven't actually seen the item but my Mom says that my Dad has been hold up in the den watching old cowboy DVD's so as far as I am concerned it is a winner. He said he really enjoys the movies and the price seems more than reasonable; that is a ton of videos. The package was delivered to my parent's house and it arrived in a timely manner.

By Elmer F.
100 Western Classic Movies - 8 DVD Collection

Some of the movies would not play or locked up without this problem. The package would have been great.