Evergreen Enterprises Bird Feeder Accessories

Evergreen Enterprises Bird Feeder Accessories

An excellent feeder for attracting orioles. Very high quality.

Finally I have found the replacement parts for my Droll Yankee bird feeder. The feeder came with the plastic perches which the squirrels chewed up much to my dismay. These new perches being metal will last a long time and not get damaged by the squirrels.

I am totally satisfied with this product. Bird seeds from the feeder falls into the tray and not on the ground.......

Very well constructed, sturdy and nice looking BUT....May not work well for you if you live in a windy area. I bought two, and can not use them here in NM as they whip around in our strong wind. My hummingbird feeders lose all their nectar and it splatters everywhere making a mess, wasting it and drawing ants.

We highly recommend this bird feeder to anyone who loves feathered friends as much as we do. It is very attractive, and allows one to hang several feeders on one pole. A huge plus is how it prohibits pesky squirrels from climbing the pole to eat from the feeders.

I have had this hook for 4 years and it just broke, I am sure from 4 yrs of baking in the sun. It never fell off the window. I use it for hummingbird feeders.

Device did a superb job of collecting falling seeds.

Fits likes a glove on my new Droll Yankee feeder; very pleased with it. It looks durable and will give me many years of service.

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