Wildlife Accessories Bird Feeder Accessories

Wildlife Accessories Bird Feeder Accessories

These are perfect covers for my hanging platform feeders. They keep the seed dry while allowing easy access to fill them and allow me to see the birds while they are eating.

The cover for the window platform has worked perfectly even during our historic Colorado bomb cyclone event a few weeks ago! The winds were horrific and the blizzard intense, but the cover held up well.

16" is too small to catch much seed - prefer 24"

Good product. Easy to hang/install. So far no squirrel issues.

Adequate product. does what it indicates. Could be a bit better in quality of materials.

It is as advertised and catches much of the seed birds kick out of the open feeder I use. It does well for smaller birds. If only the doves would stay away! They will perch on hoop as well as feeder and tip hoop allowing seed to spill out of both items.

The feather guard does what it is advertised to do, but for the price I expected much more.

An excellent feeder for attracting orioles. Very high quality.

  • Wild Bird Food Storage Tips - Improperly stored bird food can grow mold and harbor diseases that are fatal to birds. Ensure your bird food is safe and healthy by following these simple tips.