Sapphire Labs Bird Feeder Accessories

Sapphire Labs Bird Feeder Accessories

I bought three green weather guards. I used two of them for hummingbird feeders and one for a hummingbird perch in the hopes that the hummingbird will stay around longer. The hummingbird would fly off once the afternoon sun would hit that spot. With the guard, the hummingbird now stays around all day. The only issue I have with the guard is that the wind tends to make it sway. With the hummingbird feeder, the weight holds in place and there's no problem, but with the perch, the hummingbird weights nothing and the perch tends sway in the wind a lot!

I made my own oriole bird feeder and these cups worked great and the Oriole's love them. would buy again if needed but I think they will last a long long time.


It works ok if there is no wind.

This acrylic birdfeeder cover performs exactly as described and is a nice complement to the window mounted platform feeder.

Works as advertised when used according to directions. The seed stays fresh and the birds healthy.

These are perfect covers for my hanging platform feeders. They keep the seed dry while allowing easy access to fill them and allow me to see the birds while they are eating.

  • Wild Bird Food Storage Tips - Improperly stored bird food can grow mold and harbor diseases that are fatal to birds. Ensure your bird food is safe and healthy by following these simple tips.