Stokes Bird Guides

Stokes Bird Guides

Love this pocket book and keep it outside with me next to my chair while I bird watch in my backyard

Good basic reference in a small compact book, easy to carry in backpacks or luggage. Great photographs. Pictures of the less common birds - perhaps in a smaller size or with multiple pictures on a page would have been helpful. I wanted one sole source, but saw so many birds not listed that a second reference was needed. Birding in Montana was fantastic.

I love it! I had come to depend upon an older version and then my new computer would not run it. I lived without one for awhile and then decided life was too short for that. I don't want to be without it.

Having fun exploring the program. I really enjoy the quizzes. I hope to learn to Identify some more ducks before fall migration. The sound side is a nice addition for me. Installation was a nightmare, A professional ended up doing it. It may have to do with the age of my computer. It was missing some small bit of essential software.

The pictues are beautiful and the book is full of useful information.

By Sharon B.
Perseus Books Group The Complete Book of North American Owls

Anyone out there interested in owls, this is a beautiful book.

The card turned out to not be as water resistant as I expected. And I expected the descriptions to be slightly more detailed.

By Lindsay C.
Chronicle Books Animals Nobody Loves

I asked my sister if she had any ideas for things I could get for her 3-year-old for his birthday. She mentioned that he liked snakes and spiders and sharks and other "gross" animals, so I thought this book would be perfect for him for years to come. As a 3-year-old he can enjoy the pictures, but as he gets older he will appreciate all the amazing facts in this book. It's pretty fascinating, but moms; you have to have a fairly strong stomach for close-up pictures of very ugly animals if you are going to read this with your kids!