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A best-selling item! The S & K Rainbow Tube Finch Feeder is the perfect size for finches, enticing these very social birds to flock to your place when they get hungry. The S & K Feeder features a 24″ tube feeder with ten rainbow-colored perches and holds approximately 1.5 lbs. of thistle to minimize the amount of time you’ll spend refilling it. An elegantly minimal design means less maintenance and hassle for you! The Rainbow Feeder also includes a stainless steel hanging wire and comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

~ Holds more than 1.5 pounds of thistle
~ Includes a stainless steel hanging wire
~ Comes with a full lifetime limited warranty

Additional information

Weight1.50 lbs

17 reviews for S & K 24″ Rainbow Finch Tube Bird Feeder

  1. Chris R. (verified owner)

    Love them. Always had them. The birds seem to be attracted to these feeders more than a regular basic tube feeder.

  2. Judy B. (verified owner)

    Love these feeders. This feeder seems to be the one our finches definitely prefer. It is sturdy but is made of plastic so we do need to replace it about every other year. We have been unable to find it at any of our local stores so I am very happy it has been available through the Backyard Chirper and their customer service is excellent.

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