Best-1 32 Ounce Hummingbird Bird Feeder

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Best-1 32 Ounce Hummingbird Bird Feeder
Best-1 32 Ounce Hummingbird Bird Feeder
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Enjoy a long-lasting hummingbird feeding solution for your favorite bird-watching window or bench! As any bird enthusiast knows, a busy backyard feeding frenzy can go from full to empty rather quickly, but with a 32-oz. Hummingbird feeder from Best-1, you can enjoy observing wildlife without worrying about a disappointingly-short window of activity.

The feeder features a detachable base to allow hummingbirds multiple points of access, as well as durable construction that allows for easy disassembly and cleaning. In addition, the base is designed to only allow hummingbirds to feed, keeping other birds and insects away. What sets this version apart from the others is the yellow flowers and green hummingbirds that adorn the surface of the glass bottle.


• 32 ounce capacity

• Durable, reliable and effective

• Feeding base features 8 feeding ports

• Bright red plastic feeding station made of hi-impact food grade styrene

• Base is countersunk to keep other birds and bees from drinking the nectar

• Convenient perch around the entire base to view many hummingbirds

• Base comes apart for easy cleaning and filling

• Made in the USA

Brand: Best-1
Model Number:
Catalog Number: 148510
Average Rating:
By Betty D. from Live Oak, CA
March 10, 2014

Very happy with this product. It is very easy to clean and refill. The hummingbirds have a roomy place to perch while eating, and the birds and I are enjoying the feeder.

By Darren W. from Kelso WA
July 23, 2012

I like how the bottom unscrews into two pieces for cleaning. Makes it easy and thorough. Also has two resting ring diameters which is nice for different sized hummers, and it has real glass so it won't stain or discolor over the years. This is the sturdiest feeder I've e ever owned and the easiest to clean.

By Tom G. from Volcano,CA
July 19, 2012

I had trouble with bees chasing the Hummer off from the feeder. As soon as I put this up the bees came around and couldn't get to the food in the feeder and left. My Hummer is happy now no pests bothering it.

By John K. from Costa Mesa, CA
October 11, 2010

I am constantly searching for the "perfect" hummingbird feeder and, while maybe not perfect, the Best-1 continues to be my first choice. Our outside deck hangs out over the bluffs, overlooking a nature preserve about a 1/2 mile from the beach in Orange County, California. So you might imagine the amount of bird traffic we can get on our deck, including at least 3 species of Hummingbirds. I gauge hummer feeders by 4 criteria: Attractiveness to the hummers; Durability; Capacity; And ease of cleaning. 1. Our Allen, Anna, and Black-Chinned Hummers all seem to have no problem feeding off it. In fact it's usually crowded around our hummingbird feeders. 2. Because of it's simplicity of design, number of components (no bee guards, etc.), these will hold up for years. 3. I love the 32oz size because that's less times that I have to make new nectar, unhang, clean, and refill the feeders (During the "get ready to fly south" on our little deck, even with 2 32oz feeders and 1 DR. Jones 16 oz feeder it's a daily chore. 4. Ease of cleaning is a breeze, except for the narrow opening in the bottle. You have to go on a hunt for a foam-based bottle brush that can reach down to the bottom of the reservoir, and that's not easy to find. That's why I only gave it 4 stars instead of 5. In fact, if there was a way to give it 4 1/2 I would!

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