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If you’ve ever compared regular TV to High Definition (HD) TV you’ll know what we mean when we say “Oh Wow! That is an incredible picture.” In this case, we are referring to the video coming from our newest nature cam. Believe us, if birds had eyelashes, you’d be able to see each and everyone with this amazing camera. The Hawk Eye HD has 700 tvl (television lines), 10 infrared diodes for unsurpassed night vision, variable focus, wide angle lens, and a crystal clear microphone. Connect to any TV or video compatible computer through a 100′ detachable AV/power cable . . . the same we use on all our cameras, and so can connect to existing Hawk Eye extension cables.
The Hawk Eye Nature Cam connects directly to televisions, and computers (using adapter hardware and software such as Pinnacle System’s Dazzle), giving users live, 24/7 real time viewing. Although the image is color, be aware that colors inside a birdhouse, where there is no natural light, will be muted. Originally designed for bird watching, customers are using it to keep an eye on deer, raccoons, and other wildlife as well as horses, goats, and other livestock. The Hawk Eye HD has even been put into rattlesnake dens and down mole tunnels. The possibilities are endless.

Hawk-Eye HD includes:
~ Color HD Camera, with night vision, microphone, variable focus lens
~ 25 Yards AV/power cable
~ 12 volt, power adapter
~ Instructions

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Weight3.50 lbs


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