Arundale Mandarin Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder

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Arundale Mandarin Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder
Arundale Mandarin Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder
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• 17" dome keeps away squirrels rain and snow

• Innovative squirrel-proof design

• Improved new arch ports support better seed flow

• Attracts songbirds such as chickadees finches cardinals tufted titmice and downy woodpeckers

• Can be hung or pole mounted

• Easy to fill

• Made in the USA


• 13.00 (D) x 17.00 (W) x 13.00 (H) inches

• 6 lbs

Brand: Arundale
Model Number: AR150
Catalog Number: 50313
Average Rating:
By Jill M. from Lancaster, PA
April 2, 2018

This feeder really is squirrel proof. Holds a large quantity of seed. Easy to assemble.

By Judy B. from Alton, IL
October 8, 2013

We bought this to replace a similar feeder that was broken by our tree service. It is the one feeder that frustrates all the squirrels in our area. They simply can not get into it! We had the previous feeder for about 20 years and expect the same with this one.

By Bud C. from Fort Collins, CO
May 30, 2013

This is our 1st Arundale Mandarin squirrel proof bird feeder. I have gone through probably 10-15 bird feeders trying to find one that would stand up to the claim of being 'Squirrel Proof' and none of the feeders did the job. Then I found this Arundale Mandarin squirrel proof bird feeder and believe me, it is just that. The squirrels have come around to check out feeder to see if they can figure out how to get on it, but after just a couple of minutes, they give up even considering it and leave. Now that the squirrels have given up, they don't even come around anymore and that's a good thing because they are so destructive to my trees and everything else that comes in their path and now I don't have to worry about them being around anymore. This was the best investment that I could have made. The Finches and Sparrows took a couple of weeks to accept the new feeder and not be afraid, but now there are birds on the feeder all the time. When and if this feeder ever needs replaced, I will buy another Arundale Mandarin squirrel proof bird feeder in a minute.

By Petera M. from Dix Hills, NY
November 30, 2009

The birds love it. They fight to get on the 4 perches. It has also deterred the squirrels of which I am exceedingly happy about..

By Sharon K. from Chilton,WS
October 5, 2009

I find this to be accepting to the birds.So far even a hairy woodpecker was able to land safely.No squirrel problems yet.I believe its to steep for them.Time will tell.The rim is great for protecting the seed outlet. Easy to fill.

By John S. from Kansas City, MO
August 30, 2009

I love everything about this bird feeder! It has a clean neat appearance, large fill capacity, and it has easy to use feeding stations. The clever squirrels have not been able to figure out how to beat its squirrel proof design. Best bird feeder I ever bought.

By Scott W. from Virginia Beach, VA
May 20, 2009

It is a great feeder, large capacity, and squirrel proof!

By Paul D. from Houston, TX
June 7, 2008

I love it! I'm convinced it is the only squirrel proof feeder available. I have tried them all.

By Partin H. from Newton, TX
April 19, 2008

I love my feeder and the birds do too.

By Gretchen W. from Orlando , FL
July 7, 2007

This is the best bird feeder ever! It's a great time watching the birds! It's hilarious watching the squirrels try and get some food too!

By Perry P. from Austin, TX
June 12, 2007

This is the only feeder that could beat our squirrels. All the other, door, rotating, and grating could be solved by the squirrels. They tried on this one but failed always. The only problem may be the perch as they seem to be weak but no problems so far.

By Dale L. from Austin, TX
May 5, 2007

This is our 2nd one. Our first is probably 6-7 years old and is the only feeder we know of that is 100% squirrel proof.

By Suzanne T. from Chicago, IL
September 7, 2006

I have owned this item before - it lasted for about 30 years. I wanted a new one. I was glad to be able to replace it!

By Jan S. from Batesville, AR
June 5, 2006

So far it works. We love the capacity of the container.

By Liz F. from Newmarket, NH
February 7, 2010

This feeder is bigger then I expected. It holds a substantial amount of food. Assembly was easy but I was not happy about having to "glue" the top washer on for weather conditions. I was hoping it was going to be rain proof with the rubber washer it came with. I had to put extra glue on top of the hole where the chain fed through for hanging. Other then that its a great bird feeder and easy to clean. I have not had any squirrels attempt to master it so I can not comment on how it works regarding them.

By Carol I. from Shoreview, MN
June 17, 2009

The birds love the feeder, but so did the squirrels! They couldn't get down witch's hat top, so attacked from below by jumping on the perches and gnawing them off. Sad birds! The manufacturer recently sent new perches, so we removed the old and inserted the new, then added a squirrel baffle to prevent attacks from the bottom (squirrels were climbing the shepherd's hook to get to it). All is well now! We especially like the capacity of the feeder - no more having to go in and out every few days. If the perches were made of metal rather than plastic, we wouldn't have had a problem.

By Debbie L. from Rocky Mount, NC
February 25, 2009

The only negative I have found is that the residue/shells need to be cleaned out of the 4 feeding holes so that whole sunflowers seeds can be reached. The birds went right to it, even though there were other feeders available. Love the design of the top - keeps water out!!!

By Frances R. from North Adams, MA
November 13, 2007

So far it's truly been squirrel proof and the birds are happily feeding. It's easy to fill and will be easy to clean when the time comes. In our climate, the hood should work well to protect from snow.

By Karolina L. from Alliance, OH
February 19, 2012

Of the 4 feeders in my yard, this is the last one visited by my birds. They don't like the see trough roof, it seems confusing to them. We live on a windy hill, which makes that feeder swing all the time and birds don't like that very much. It is not the right feeder for me, I would not purchase it again.

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