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Perky Pet Best Hummingbird Bird Feeder

(13 reviews)


The large capacity Perky-Pet Our Best Hummingbird Feeder will soon be your favorite feeder! This shatter-proof feeder with no drip base offers six feeding stations. The removable full-circle perch lets hummers feed comfortably. Easy fill design. Offers years of enjoyment for the serious hummingbird fan. Made in the USA.


As you’ll soon find out, this hummingbird feeder by Perky Pet isn’t called the “Best” for nothing. This big hardened glass feeder can service hundreds of hummers, and is outfitted with efficiency-improving features like its six feeding stations and a continuous, full-circle perch. Your hummingbirds will love how easy it is to access their sweet treat, and the bright coloring of the feeder is sure to flag them down from afar. Unfortunately for them, this feeder does NOT take reservations!


~ Shatter-proof
~ No-drip feeding base
~ 6 feeding stations with removable flowers
~ Hardened glass feeder bottle
~ 30 ounce capacity
~ Full-circle perch

Additional information

Weight1.60 lbs
Dimensions8.50 × 8.50 × 12.00 in

13 reviews for Perky Pet Best Hummingbird Bird Feeder

  1. Tim F. (verified owner)

    This is a great product and one of the last glass feeders available. This one replaced one exactly like it that lasted 10 years!

  2. Carrie N. (verified owner)

    I loved this feeder, but the ones that I have for the last two years red have faded beyond belief. Whoever makes these have change the plastic and they need to go back. I am not the only one that has notice this.

  3. Pamlyn T. (verified owner)

    I have been using perky pet feeders for over ten years. I have found them to be easy to fill and to clean. The hummingbirds love them and, if you remove the bee guards, the orioles will use them too. These are simple, easy feeders to use and enjoy. You shipped them promptly and they arrived in perfect condition.

  4. Teresa S. (verified owner)

    I love this feeder! And so do my 20 + hummers that visit daily. It one of the best feeders that I have ever owned!!!!!

  5. Jay C. (verified owner)

    This is a feeder the birds really like! It holds allot, and has six feeding stations. It all so has a continuous perch. I wish that I could only buy the glass part of the feeder,which is what breaks. I have about 14 good bottoms that I don’t know what to do with.

  6. Carol F. (verified owner)

    I have used them for years. I like it better than any other. I have about 70-80 hummers in August. I have seen them with 3 birds in each hole on several feeders! They are amazing! Thank you for making such a good product!

  7. William J. (verified owner)

    I ordered this feeder to match two feeders that I have. They are great, a good size, and easy clean out and fill! The perch provided is a must! The only objection, the perch is fragile. My older two feeders have been glued/wired/cable tied to keep perch in place.

  8. Julia W. (verified owner)

    This is the second one I have purchased and I love it almost as much as the hummingbirds do._x000D_
    A Satisfied customer!

  9. Gwen G. (verified owner)

    I would like to contact the person who has a lot of the plastic bases for this feeder. I have been using this feeder for 20 years and have never broken the glass part. The plastic base weathers and cracks, but it is still the best one there is.

  10. Bill L. (verified owner)

    You have great service, great response, and the feeder works quite well!

  11. Deb B. (verified owner)

    I, too have tops of feeders with no bottoms–the bottom gets weather damaged but I have several bottles. Why don’t you sell replacement parts for these Best feeders–looks like many would buy them

  12. Ron W. (verified owner)

    Works great and our ruby throated hummers enjoy using this feeder. Easy to clean and easy to fill. We have never had a problem with this feeder. We do however replace the whole unit after about 5 years due to being out in the sunlight.

  13. Sunny R. (verified owner)

    I had a previous version of this feeder and wanted to replace it. I could not find a suitable one locally, so I began to search. Finally on this site I found what I was looking for! This is a great feeder! Easily refillable and The hummers are at it all day long.

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