Arundale Bird Pole Collection

Arundale Bird Pole Collection
Arundale SkyCafe Pole Mounting Kit
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This is working beautifully and allows multi positioning of my flags.

By Kathy T.
Lewis Tool Yard Tree Bird Center

Easy to assemble, looks great and the humming birds love it.

By Cynthia R.
Lewis Tool Yard Tree Bird Center

Really happy with yellow finch and hummingbird enjoying the chipper to enjoy bird seed and nectar. Everything I wished for.

This item is a great feeder stand enhancement, with no tools required, and ease of application.

This is an awesome pole! It's easy to assemble! I have 2. You can put several different feeders on it. Very durable!

By Sue G.
Heritage Farms Hanger-Bracket Assembly

A very solid piece of workmanship.

I have had this hook for 4 years and it just broke, I am sure from 4 yrs of baking in the sun. It never fell off the window. I use it for hummingbird feeders.

This is a nice flange. Easy to bolt and unbolt from the pole for cleaning of the feeder. Didn't give this 5 stars only because the "Birds Choice Cedar 11" x 10" Open Platform Bird Feeder" feeder that I bought had this listed as the flange that went with it but the feeder doesn't have a completely covered bottom for the flange to attach to. It had 3 slats and the center one was not wide enough for the smaller set of screws on the flange. I ended up using gorilla glue to attach the flange to the feeder. Would be better if this flange had a wider variety of screw hole positions.