Bird Watching Accessories

Bird Watching Accessories

Are you looking to brush up on your bird watching skills?  Our selection of bird watching accessories includes everything from bird calls to monoculars and binoculars.  Some of our most popular bird watching accessories are our convenient hand-held bird video cameras.  We offer weatherproof, motion-activated cameras, which will capture birds feeding even when you’re not there.  This way you’ll never miss a moment of the action!

Not sure what bird watching accessory is right for you?  Give our friendly customer service team a call and they’ll be happy to help you find the perfect fit.

Red Robin Nature Cam
$66.99 $120.00
Bird-X Songbird Magnet Bird Caller
$49.99 $56.50
Out of Stock
Moultrie Feeders Camera Security Box-Mini
$39.99 $49.14
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By Johnny L C.
Birdhouse Miniature Spy Cam Hawk Eye Nature Cam

The Cam works just fine.

By Susan V.
Wingscapes A/C Power Adapter for BirdCam

We are very pleased with the BirdCam, it works well and takes good pictures. The instructions were could be a little clearer.

By Judith P.
Wingscapes A/C Power Adapter for BirdCam

I bought this for my husband. He is experimenting with moving it several different places - it provides an exciting running place for squirrels! Would buy it again.

By George D.
Birdhouse Miniature Spy Cam Hawk Eye Nature Cam

This is the item that does well and what it is intended to do. I set it up last week and I can see clearly the inside of the empty bird house on my TV even at night. I'm looking forward watching the birds building the nest in the spring.

By Jane P.
Birdhouse Miniature Spy Cam Hawk Eye Nature Cam

My daughters gave the camera to me as a birthday gift. I plan to place it in a screech owl box in our driveway in Alabama. We are in NY for now. I am very excited about having this camera and being able to keep an eye on what is going on inside our owl box. When I actually get to use it I could write more.

By Pam J.
Birdhouse Miniature Spy Cam Hawk Eye Nature Cam

The clarity on this camera is surprisingly good. My son saved his money for this and I think for the price he could not have done better. If you are a serious birder, I think a wireless one would have more appeal.

By Abbas H.
Nova Backyard Birds Camera with Motion Sensor

It is very good camera!

By Susan B.
Hawk Eye Video Camera

We've installed the camera in our owl box, but will have to wait until next winter to see how well it works. I can't wait!