Home Bazaar Birding Gift Ideas

Home Bazaar Birding Gift Ideas

It is a beautiful design and the Martins came but the fasteners that hold it together are awful they do not stay in I had to duct tape mine to keep roof in. A little disappointed

Very easy to assemble and hopefully will attract some martins this season

I am replacing 4 that have lasted me 10 years. It is a very good product and my birds love them.

I have used these feeders for several years. They are easy to clean and the hummingbirds seem to enjoy them. I really like the smaller size.

I had 2 feeders like this for 5 or 6 years and they are the best feeder out there. Dropped one and broke it and so happy I could find another one just like it. Thanks. I love them and so do my hummers.

Great Product...HUMMERS LOVE IT!

Great birdhouse. Very decorative. I did not mount it on a telescoping mast as it was hopefully going to be a useful decoration for another project. But, the mount for their triangular telescoping post was plain to see and instructions were clear on how to use it.... The house looks beautiful and I will be able to reach it with a ladder... It was easy to put together and a welcome addition to our backyard's decor. Someday maybe it will attract some tenants. Only real downside is that I wanted to double the living spaces for each nest (anc cut room number in half), but I don't think the instructions were as clear on that as they could have been... Otherwise, a great little project that only took an hour or so to build. I added black sharpie to highlight the "shutters" and other window treatments on the nest openings. Very happy with this purchase.

I've been using hummingbird feeders for decades and the Best-1 8 Ounce Clear Glass hummingbird feeder is the best feeder I've ever used. The reasons it's superior to others: (1.) It's easy to clean. You can reach every square inch of the feeder and there aren't any unnecessary decorations that need to be cleaned which so many other feeders have. I use a bottle brush which makes cleaning even easier--it takes less than two minutes. (2.) The bottle is real glass and it's thick. It won't ever crack or discolor or leak toxins into the nectar. (3.) The feeding base is thick red plastic (styrene) and seems to be indestructible. It's only in two parts and there's no assembly required. (4.) The design is genius. It's made so that other birds and insects can't use it. (5.) There's a perch all the way around it for the hummers to use while eating, thus conserving their energy. (6.) The hook is attached to the feeder and it works perfectly. (7.) It's a nice looking feeder. I can't imagine a feeder design being more perfect in every way. After I first put it out, hummers spotted it and started using it within 20 minutes and they've been using it off and on all day long ever since!