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For years, Birds Choice has quietly made its name building high-quality bird feeders and outdoor products. Through innovative design and a careful selection of material, Birds Choice has made its bird feeders synonymous with perfection. Whether creating a comfortable home for Purple Martins or designing a beautiful hummingbird, the company has made it clear that the only choice for great bird products is Birds Choice.

All of Birds Choice products are backed by our outstanding customer service and a 30-day, money-back guarantee, so you can spend more time birdwatching and less time worrying.

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I am very pleased with the feeder the birds seem to like it as well the cardinals us it daily

Love it! Have a Downy pair close by which has found it. And other than a few very determined souls, it discourages all the sparrows.

An excellent feeder for attracting orioles. Very high quality.

Very happy with my purchase. Easy to fill the jelly trays versa the older style I had.

I mounted it on a pole so I could feed birds about seven feet off the ground. Works Great.

This feeder attracted a dozen goldfinches to my yard after years of trying! I'm very happy how many birds other than the goldfinch have visited; cardinals, house finch, chickadees, & woodpeckers. Squirrels have tried and tried to manipulate the top off to no avail. Left a few teeth marks on the painted lid, but they cannot get in! Love it.

Feeder is larger and much more sturdy than my old one, which squirrels broke when they thought they were birds

Delighted!! We had a feeder like this for eight to ten years and living near the ocean it had become rather aged. The store where it was purchased closed due to a tragic car accident killing the owners. After searching many websites for a replacement, I found Backyard Chirper. It is the exact duplicate of the feeder we had. It is well constructed, seed is covered to stay dry, and has a wide platform for many birds to feed together. The top raises for easy refilling. Perfect for a free standing feeder and easy for the birds to fly onto and eat. I have seen as many as nine Doves feeding at a time.

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Birds Choice

Birds Choice designs and manufacturers the finest, highest quality professional outdoor products to enhance your yard and bring birds home. All of our products are based on thorough research in backyards of bird experts. The National Wildlife Federation requires 4 things in a yard to have it named as "Certified Wildlife Habitat." They are food, water, cover and places to raise young. Products from Birds Choice can help you fill those needs. Our bird feeders carry 9 different patents that are used to ensure the best bird-friendly and consumer-attractive innovative products available on the market today. We promote healthy birds by making our feeders easy to clean. Birds Choice belongs to the Wild Bird Feeding Industry's Quality Standards Program which establishes criteria for feeder construction, labeling and consumer education.