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For years, Birds Choice has quietly made its name building high-quality bird feeders and outdoor products. Through innovative design and a careful selection of material, Birds Choice has made its bird feeders synonymous with perfection. Whether creating a comfortable home for Purple Martins or designing a beautiful hummingbird, the company has made it clear that the only choice for great bird products is Birds Choice.

All of Birds Choice products are backed by our outstanding customer service and a 30-day, money-back guarantee, so you can spend more time birdwatching and less time worrying.

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Birds Choice Wrought Iron & Cedar Fly-Thru Bird Feeder
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Birds Choice American Flag Kit
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Birds Choice Recycled Squirrel Jar Feeder
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Recent Reviews - Birds Choice

Very well constructed, sturdy and nice looking BUT....May not work well for you if you live in a windy area. I bought two, and can not use them here in NM as they whip around in our strong wind. My hummingbird feeders lose all their nectar and it splatters everywhere making a mess, wasting it and drawing ants.

Terrific product. Works perfectly.

I have had this hook for 4 years and it just broke, I am sure from 4 yrs of baking in the sun. It never fell off the window. I use it for hummingbird feeders.

It is a good product but it allows squirrels & other animals to crawl inside and prevent birds from getting there

I bought 2 of these to hang on my shepherds hook, not realizing how big they were. They hold 10LB of seed each, but they work great. The squirrels cannot get to them, and only the small Cardinal size birds can get to the food. Assembly was easy after I figured out how to remove the vinyl film from the baffles. This will save a lot of bird seed because the squirrel and large birds, like Grackles and Woodpeckers were eating it all up within a week. I put 10lb of seed in each of these and hung them up. Now after about three weeks they are still about two thirds full. Best bird feeders I have found.

By Jo Ann W.
Birds Choice Cedar 17" x 14" Open Platform Bird Feeder

A sturdy, easy to install flat bird feeder. The birds that visit my feeder enjoy it immensely!

Love my heated bird bath, the birds much more, been pretty cold, the heater keeps the water at certain temp, also seen couple birds taking a bath in the water, was a great investment for the birds, other one I had keep freezing. Would recommend to others. Was no problem setting it up- simple and easy

I've been looking for a large platform feeder for some time and this one fills the bill. The high roof makes the feeder open and airy. We recently had 16 inches of snow and the roof did a great job of keeping the seed protected. It's well-made and is quite attractive. It is a bird magnet.

About Bird's Choice

Birds Choice

Birds Choice designs and manufacturers the finest, highest quality professional outdoor products to enhance your yard and bring birds home. All of our products are based on thorough research in backyards of bird experts. The National Wildlife Federation requires 4 things in a yard to have it named as "Certified Wildlife Habitat." They are food, water, cover and places to raise young. Products from Birds Choice can help you fill those needs. Our bird feeders carry 9 different patents that are used to ensure the best bird-friendly and consumer-attractive innovative products available on the market today. We promote healthy birds by making our feeders easy to clean. Birds Choice belongs to the Wild Bird Feeding Industry's Quality Standards Program which establishes criteria for feeder construction, labeling and consumer education.