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Featured: Coveside Convertible Winter Roost

With winter right around the corner, birds are increasingly in need of a place to roost when temperatures get low.

If you have a nesting box, you’ve probably put it away for the next few months. If you have a roosting box, you might be taking it out of storage.

With the Convertible Winter Roost from Coveside Conservation Products, you can provide a warm place for birds in the winter and a safe place for nesting in the spring all in one item.

Featured Item: Songbird Essentials Mealworm Dish

Not all birds eat the same thing.

You can attract a much wider variety of species to your yard if you offer different types of food, and the Songbird Essentials Hanging Mealworm Dish is a great way to start.

The hanging feeder features a 6 by 6 inch plastic dish with drainage holes to keep the dish from filling with water during rainy weather. Four green cords connect to the corners of the dish to provide stability when hanging.

Featured: Allied Precision Heated Deck Bird Bath


It’s been a long hot summer (and fall depending on where you live), but temperatures are slowly but surely dropping. This means valuable resources like food and water are becoming scarcer.

The Allied Precision Heated Deck Mount Bird Bath is the perfect present for the active winter birds in your ecosystem, combining a sturdy easy-mounting bath with a thermostat and 150-watt heating element to keep the bath from freezing, no matter how cold it gets!

Featured: Songbird Essentials Log Suet Feeder


With the colder weather on its way, it’s the perfect time to offer suet to your backyard birds. Not only will it bring you some new and interesting species but it will also attract insect-feeding birds en route to warmer temperatures.

The Songbird Essential Upside Down Log Suet Feeder is the perfect way to offer suet to birds.

Made from regrowth forest timber, the feeder looks great in your yard and looks natural to birds. Birds will think it’s just another delicious tree!

Featured: Songbird Essentials Roosting Pocket

With fall migration beginning, brace yourself for an influx of different species. Help visiting birds on their long and arduous journey by providing a place for them to roost.

The Songbird Essentials Hanging Grass Roosting Pocket is the perfect place for birds to make their home in the spring or roost when it’s cold.

Get Ready with the Aspects HummZinger HighView Feeder


The hummingbirds are coming, the hummingbirds are coming!

It’s that time of year when hummers begin migrating and swarming backyards all across the United States. Now is the perfect opportunity to upgrade your hummingbird feeder.

The Aspects HummZinger HighView Feeder is a modern upgrade on the classic hummingbird feeder with more features designed especially for the birds.

Featured Item: Droll Yankees Yankee Flipper Feeder

The Droll Yankees Yankee Flipper is easily the most entertaining and effective method for foiling potential seed-stealing, bird-scattering squirrels.

Now a staple of backyards everywhere, the Yankee Flipper captured the attention of bird enthusiasts and continues to be one of the best ways to keep squirrels away from bird feeders.

Featured: Pinebush Kilo Seed Bird Feeder


Pinebush is known for its unique yet highly functional designs, and the Kilo Seed Bird Feeder is the perfect example.

The feeder features an understated stainless steel top and base that gives it a vintage look while providing a secure and durable foundation. Although the design looks simplistic, the feeder has some components that make it more than ordinary.

Featured: Heartwood Prairie Home Bird House


Invite birds into your yard with a home of their own from Heartwood. The Prairie Home Bird House in Blue conjures up the images of waving grasslands and cool evenings on the porch.

Featured: Rainbow-Gardman Mini Bird Bath


Whether they’re preening their feathers or taking a drink, all birds need water.

With the Mini Glazed Bird Bath from Rainbow-Gardman, you can offer birds a clean and safe spot to drink right in your yard.

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