Whether you’re trying to thwart rambunctious squirrels or prevent the elements of nature from causing damage, the Super Dome from Aspects is the perfect way to protect your feeder.

This large baffle can be used with any hanging feeder and offers superior protection from snow, rain, and squirrels. Since the diameter of the dome is 18 inches, squirrels are incapable of stretching underneath the baffle like some of the smaller iterations. Instead, the steep curvature drops squirrels off the sides and keeps your feeders free from rodents.

Weather is another nuisance to birds and feeders, but this baffle keeps the seed dry when it’s raining or snowing. Not only does this keep the food fresh and extend the life of the feeder but it also saves you money.

The Super Dome comes with stainless steel hardware that allows you to securely connect the baffle to a hook above and the hanging feeder beneath.

Made with UV-stabilized polycarbonate material, the Super Dome is built to last.

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