Invite an array of different species into your yard with the Upside Down Suet Feeder from Birds Choice.

This uniquely designed feeder holds a single suet cake in the durable feeder made of ⅞” Inland Red Cedar. Using weather-resistant plated deck screws, the feeder is meant to withstand even the toughest weather.

If you typically have trouble with blackbirds getting to your suet, this feeder will ease your worries.

The upside down design prevents grackles and starlings from eating the suet because they don’t have the ability to hang upside down like some woodpeckers.

This particular version of the feeder is stained gray with a burgundy stained roof that connects to the included 11 3/4″ hanging cable.

Keep extraordinary woodpeckers coming back to your yard again and again with this feeder from Birds Choice.

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