Bluebird Feeder Collection

Bluebird Feeder Collection

With their distinctive blue plumage and sonorous chirping, bluebirds are a favorite of many birdwatchers. A bluebird feeder will not only liven up your backyard, but will also help revitalize the bluebird species, which has depleted significantly over the past few decades due to competition from the house sparrow and other birds.

Our bluebird feeder collection primarily features platform feeders that dispense mealworms, as bluebirds don't eat birdseed. A bluebird feeder will usually have holes sized specifically for bluebirds, in order to prevent larger birds and other predators from gaining access. Pick out a bluebird feeder today and with our lightning-fast shipping your yard will be flocked in bluebirds in no time.

Arundale Sky Cafi Bluebird Feeder
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The feeder is built well, easy to clean and is nice looking. The only problem is that the Bluebirds will not use it. I have 2 pair of nesting Bluebirds, I put Bugs and Bits in the feeder and they just sit on top of it and that's it. I have a caged suet cylinder and if I put the Bugs and Bits in the floor of the cage they readily go in inside the cage to get the food. I have tried different spots in the yard, just Bugs ( mealworms) Just suet Bits but nothing works. I guess they just don't like it.

The premise is great, but I would make it a bit larger. I feel it may be a little to confining for a Bluebird, once he's inside. Also where the hinge joint is I would add an overhang of cedar to keep water from leaking down into the interior, or somehow try to redesign to keep water out.. The roof should overhang the sides & front as well (maybe 1.75"), again keeping rain from running down the side, and possibly into the hole openings. The location of holes appears good, but so far although Bluebirds have entered from the front when the plexiglass has been removed initially for them to feed, I've had no luck getting them to enter via the holes when plexiglass is installed. I haven't given up, and will continue to be patient. All in all the idea to keep grackles & Starlings from emptying feeder is great, just needs a few tweaks here & there, to be the best bluebird feeder around.

Finally a perfect feeder that the Starlings & Blackbirds cannot enter!! It took only one day for the Bluebirds to figure it out. They visit throughout the day and are fun to watch as one might enter while the other sits and watches through the plexiglass from outside. Feeding dried meal worms which they love here in Southeast Penna. Well built.....very satisfied. Did not use the chain hanger. I built a shelf off of a 4"x4" post and screwed the base to the shelf....very sturdy.

A great transaction, fast and efficient.

The process was just as you want,fast and efficient.

Best bluebird feeder ever. Birds were in it within hours.

Feeder is larger and much more sturdy than my old one, which squirrels broke when they thought they were birds

The item itself is great, being recycled and such. Unfortunately my bluebirds haven't touched the feeder (I had to put my half rotted wood one back up) and the starlings can get to the food since the distance from hole to bottom is shorter then at my old feeder. At this point I can't use it for what it was intended.