Bluebird Feeder Collection

Bluebird Feeder Collection

With their distinctive blue plumage and sonorous chirping, bluebirds are a favorite of many birdwatchers. A bluebird feeder will not only liven up your backyard, but will also help revitalize the bluebird species, which has depleted significantly over the past few decades due to competition from the house sparrow and other birds.

Our bluebird feeder collection primarily features platform feeders that dispense mealworms, as bluebirds don't eat birdseed. A bluebird feeder will usually have holes sized specifically for bluebirds, in order to prevent larger birds and other predators from gaining access. Pick out a bluebird feeder today and with our lightning-fast shipping your yard will be flocked in bluebirds in no time.

Woodstream Carousel Feeder
$104.99 $127.90

Best bluebird feeder ever. Birds were in it within hours.

Feeder is larger and much more sturdy than my old one, which squirrels broke when they thought they were birds

By Patricia M.
Hyde Evenseed Silo Wild Bird Feeder

Good quality. Easy to fill. Can easily fill with different feed. And the birds love it!

By Lee S.
Hyde Evenseed Silo Wild Bird Feeder

I love these feeders. They hold up very well and are easy to fill. I've bought the feeders for myself and now I give them as gifts. I like the fact that they are clear so you can easily see when they need to be refilled the birds love them and so do we.

I bought one of these last year to feed dried mealworms to the bluebirds. They love these feeders! It is excellent quality, easy to clean, and durable. That is why I ordered another one this year so the bluebirds would have the convenience of 2 feeders! I highly recommend this product!!!! Great customer service as well!

By Ruthie D.
Acorn Bird Products Bluebird Buffet Feeder

This is a wonderful little bluebird feeder and my bluebirds had no problem coming to it. I purchased it because I was having a problem with starlings keeping the bluebirds away and eating their food. Well, the starlings had no problem hanging on to this feeder either! So it did not work for me, although the bluebirds loved it when they could get to it! If you don't have a starling problem, then I would highly recommend it.

The item itself is great, being recycled and such. Unfortunately my bluebirds haven't touched the feeder (I had to put my half rotted wood one back up) and the starlings can get to the food since the distance from hole to bottom is shorter then at my old feeder. At this point I can't use it for what it was intended.

I purchased two seed savers one for me to replace a eighteen year old one that stood to rain, heat, hail and wind, ice and snow but lost in a EF3 tornado hit to acreage. Keeps mealworms or miracle meal well with good access that can be regulated by moving dome, second seed saver was a gift for Mother in law she is very pleased.