Heath Bluebird House Collection

Heath Bluebird House Collection

House is up and waiting for the first bird. Have not seen one yet.

Replaced a really old, well-used, blue bird house with this new one. The previous family was hesitant at first, but eventually moved right in, in time for their new brood.

Very well made. Bluebirds moved right in.

Well built and sturdy, we had tenants the second day it was up. Also a great buy.

Just received my birdhouse. Absolutely gorgeous. Well made and American made too! Just wanted you to know how happy I am with my purchase as a first time customer. Hope the birds feel the same way. By the way this was well packed too, no damage whatsoever. thanks

Well constructed, the labelled doors reminding which one is to view was a good idea.

This past summer Violet-Green swallows used the blue/gray version. Next summer unless the color matters I'm sure the swallows will nest in the redwood version. It helped that the southeast facing portion of my house on which they are hung looks like a 28 foot tall cliff face.

Well made, easy to get into and clean.