Butterfly Garden Collection

Butterfly Garden Collection

Few insects are as radiant as the butterfly.  From a striking orange monarch to a bright-gold cloudless sulphur, the butterfly has been entrancing nature lovers throughout history.  A butterfly garden will maximize the attraction of your yard to these creatures by giving them shelter.

A butterfly garden looks quite similar to a bird house. Primarily made of cypress wood, a butterfly garden can be hung from a tree or hook above a garden or flowerbed.  Soon, your backyard will be peppered with these majestic creatures. Each butterfly garden we sell, like all of our products, is covered by a 30-day money-back guarantee, so you can be confident you’ll get the product that suits your needs.

I am highly pleased with this product, It is extremely beautiful and very sturdy. I attached it to a larger pole so that it could be displayed better as the one that came with it was too short once placed in the ground The inclusion of an extra hanger screw for such purposes would be helpful to customers who choose this option.

I liked the butterfly feeder. It is easy to fill, clean, and hang. The only negative would be that it tends to drip some when first hung if not real careful or with wind. Did get the attention of butterflies. I enjoy it.