Bird's Choice Butterfly Garden Collection

Bird's Choice Butterfly Garden Collection

Nice, well made. Really pretty for the garden. Like very much.

Received my butterfly house. Love it. Can hardey wait to put it in my garden.

Love it! It looks beautiful in my garden. It is really made well. Everyone comments on it. Thanks for a great product.

By Jonnie C.
Birding Company Butterfly Feeder and Nectar Pack

The first one I received did not "click" together so you sent me a replacement. I have not noticed any butterflies yet. Almost time to take it down?

By Gary G.
Birding Company 5 oz. Butterfly Nectar

great product for attracting butterfly s!

I liked the butterfly feeder. It is easy to fill, clean, and hang. The only negative would be that it tends to drip some when first hung if not real careful or with wind. Did get the attention of butterflies. I enjoy it.

By Judith B.
Birding Company 5 oz. Butterfly Nectar

This is second of two butterfly feeders I ordered from you. The first one came in perfect condition. However, when my friend opened her gift, the feeder was broken at the stem of the glass base. She will glue it, but I felt awful. I hadn't opened it after receiving it in the mail and had not thought to check to see if it was broken. I love these feeders and think they make a wonderful gift. So if there is a way at your end to ensure the feeders are not harmed in shipping, that would be great!

By Ang S.
Birding Company 5 oz. Butterfly Nectar

It really works and I love that you can spray it on other plants to draw butterflies!