Since 1990, Coveside Conservation Products has been delivering the finest bird feeders, birdhouses and bat houses to its customers. The products are crafted with the utmost care and make the perfect gift for any bird lover. Coveside's collection of window bird feeders allows you to get up close and personal with birds from the comfort of your own home. With handcrafted nest boxes for every species, Coveside Conservation Products has anything you need.

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Finally a perfect feeder that the Starlings & Blackbirds cannot enter!! It took only one day for the Bluebirds to figure it out. They visit throughout the day and are fun to watch as one might enter while the other sits and watches through the plexiglass from outside. Feeding dried meal worms which they love here in Southeast Penna. Well built.....very satisfied. Did not use the chain hanger. I built a shelf off of a 4"x4" post and screwed the base to the shelf....very sturdy.

We received this brand of Screech Owl house several years ago as a gift and wanted to replace it with the same one since we liked it so much. The entire side of this house opens up making it very easy to clean out which is very nice. Our previous house came with the Slate Squirrel Guard on it so I just transferred it to this new house. It keeps the squirrels from being able to chew at the opening to make it larger and is a very nice addition. We also recently installed the Hawk Eye High Definition Nature Cam in this house so now we can see what's going on in there. This is a great owl house and we have been very happy with it.

From my perspective, this is the best shaped bluebird house. It not draw draws bluebirds, they safely raise many families of bluebirds each season. This is the fifth one we have purchased...this time it is a gift. The bluebirds love to sit on top of it with the whole previous family sometimes. Their nest is built in the very back behind a low partition. The front portion seems to allows other bluebird family members to visit inside while mom is on the nest. Great design!

By Linda G.
Panoramic In-House Window Bird Feeder

The only way to squirrel proof window bird feeders is to make a crossed hatched and bowed out metal cage around the feeder.(bowing out helps keep their tongue and fingers aesy from the seed.

Best bluebird feeder ever. Birds were in it within hours.

This is a well made, quality, birdhouse. I think I put it up too late in the season to get any takers but that is on me. I would absolutely buy other products from this company!

Excellent craftsmanship. Two bits of information that should be provided and are not, especially helpful for the novice purchaser, are wood preserving/finishing suggestions or warnings and suggestions for pole mounting.

Arrived as ordered, exactly as described