Decorative Bird House Collection

Decorative Bird House Collection

Want to pick up something fancy for your feathered friends? Then check out our huge decorative bird house collection! From quaint cottages to massive avian mansions, we carry a decorative bird house to fit every backyard.

A decorative bird house is a great way to add a tasteful yard ornament along with a flock of nesting birds. Our spectacular designs are available in a wide selection, from purple martin houses to bluebird houses. Plus, each decorative bird house we sell is backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee, so you can be sure you'll get the product that best serves your needs.

Sag Harbor Birdhouse - Blue with Mansard Roof
$153.00 $192.00
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Bobbo Ladybug Birdhouse
$28.99 $40.00

This was a gift and the recipient loved it. Said it was well packed and arrived in excellent condition.

This is the second bird house I've gotten, and I'm very happy with the looks and quality of your houses. I'll be coming back for more. I would highly recommend your company for a high quality product.

This birdhouse was purchased as a gift for my mother who lives at a Retirement Village. All of the tenants love to watch for the birds - since we just put it up, we're waiting for the Springtime to bring the first inhabitants. The birdhouse is beautiful - well made, and very classy appearance. Its relatively heavy so we purchased a strong metal pole and stable-izer to keep it steady in the ground (the Village is in an area with high winds). I would highly recommend it as a beautiful addition to your backyard :)

This bird house is gorgeous! Exactly what I wanted. The only thing that would make it better is if it were vinyl (lower maintenance). However I love it. The copper roof makes it a real eye catcher!

I absolutely love this birdhouse. Which is why I am buying my THIRD one. BUT, the reason I am buying my third one, is that the paint job just doesn't last--and after all that is what is so appealing about this design.. I live in North Carolina, just so you know I am not in some horribly cold or hot climate.The first one I bought lasted barely two seasons and just turned gray and all the paint peeled off. With the second one (bought May 2014) I bought some spray clear lacquer coating and gave it two coats... it is now gray and the paint is peeling off. I am going to try to give my third one a few coats of clear polyurethane, the kind used on hardwood floors. and will see if that helps.

Just love it and hope the birds feel the same and move it. Spring will tell.

By Sylvia W.
Home Bazaar Trellis Cottage Birdhouse

When i got this Trellis Cottage birdhouse for my patio, I fell in love with this bird house very beautiful, and good quality very pleased. Thank you

By Mk B.
Home Bazaar Printed Salt Box Birdhouse - Lavender

Nicely done solid unit. Has metal mesh inside to help the birds climb out, opening in the back for cleanup purposes, and hangar on the back. Mine hang on a column on the front porch and welcomed a family of wrens.

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