Finch Feeder Selection

Finch Feeder Selection

A finch feeder, also known as a tube bird feeder, is designed to attract a flock of finches to your yard. Finches are small birds that exist in a variety of different colors. They feed primarily on thistle seed and are known for their beautiful chirping sounds. A finch feeder is a long, thin, tube-shaped bird feeder. Available in a number of different styles and designs, some finch feeders have room for up to 18 birds on their perches and pegs. Finch feeders are available in a number of tasteful colors, from bright lemon-yellow to clear. Order a finch feeder today with our fast and easy shipping, and you'll soon be enjoying the melody of finches frolicking in your backyard.

We have been using the Rainbow finch feeders for years and find that our finches prefer them over all others. They really draw in the finches, are easy to assemble and look very colorful.Highly recommend.

This feeder is great! I wore out the last one that I had purchased a number of years ago. I have a wooded property and many squirrels but this feeder keeps the food just for the birds. Please don't stop making them. Thank you!

Wonderful feeder. I hang feeders on a 15' tall anti-bear pole and want easy to open and fill feeders. This one is very easy to fill. It does not allow anything larger than a Downy Woodpecker in. The open mesh bottom prevents buildup of debris and bird waste. Attracts huge number of Goldfinches, House Finches, Downy Woodpeckers and other smaller birds. Grackles CANNOT get food from this feeder. Sadly, English Sparrows can, but they do not overwhelm the other birds. I have been using it for many weeks now, and it is clearly the best feeder of its type I have ever used in well over 20 years of bird feeding.

Good feeder but it is not squirrel proof. Once the squirrels discover it is made from plastic, they start nibbling out chunks of it. Finally they gnawed a circle around the top of the dome where it is attached to the hook and the whole thing came crashing to the ground, shattering it to pieces. If this were a metal feeder, it would be perfect.

First, the finch love the feeder. I really like it also. The only problem I have with it is that the top fits on so tightly I can hardly get it off. The first time it took me forever and the second time the top of the plastic tube cracked because I was having so much trouble trying to turn, pull and twist it off. I did glue it. The third time was still hard. I ordered two of these and gave one to a friend and hers was fine.

We have been using the Rainbow finch feeders for years. Our finches absolutely love these feeders. The feeders areboth colorful and attractive. Although it has become increasingly difficult to find these feeders locally, we were very happy to discover that The Backyard Chirper still has these available.Very satisfied..

The birds absolutely love it, and no squirrels!

I have been buying this tube feeder for years... love it!!!! Holds enough seed to last all day and I get lots of birds. And the colored posts shine in sunlight!