Finch Feeder Selection

Finch Feeder Selection

A finch feeder, also known as a tube bird feeder, is designed to attract a flock of finches to your yard. Finches are small birds that exist in a variety of different colors. They feed primarily on thistle seed and are known for their beautiful chirping sounds.

A finch feeder is a long, thin, tube-shaped bird feeder. Available in a number of different styles and designs, some finch feeders have room for up to 18 birds on their perches and pegs. Finch feeders are available in a number of tasteful colors, from bright lemon-yellow to clear. Order a finch feeder today with our fast and easy shipping, and you'll soon be enjoying the melody of finches frolicking in your backyard.

The birds absolutely love it, and no squirrels!

I have been buying this tube feeder for years... love it!!!! Holds enough seed to last all day and I get lots of birds. And the colored posts shine in sunlight!

This is a replacement of the same product we have had in our garden for many years.

This feeder is easy to fill an clean. It allows the small birds in to feed, yet keeps out the larger birds and squirrels out.

Finally, found a bird feeder that red squirrels cannot chew through and destroy! I love that feature. Would have given 5 stars, but it is tricky to reassemble after being taken apart for cleaning. The metal ports are not permanently attached, and have to be realigned with the ring pull post, which is somewhat difficult and requires a good deal of tactility and patience. Would be a perfect product if the ports were permanent and the bottom could be easily removed for cleaning.

Squirrels can only get little. also holds enough for several days.

Clever design.