Finch Feeder Selection

A finch feeder, also known as a tube bird feeder, is designed to attract a flock of finches to your yard. Finches are small birds that exist in a variety of different colors. They feed primarily on thistle seed and are known for their beautiful chirping sounds.

A finch feeder is a long, thin, tube-shaped bird feeder. Available in a number of different styles and designs, some finch feeders have room for up to 18 birds on their perches and pegs. Finch feeders are available in a number of tasteful colors, from bright lemon-yellow to clear. Order a finch feeder today with our fast and easy shipping, and you'll soon be enjoying the melody of finches frolicking in your backyard.

Finch Feeder Selection

I have owned several of these in the past. The finches love them!

Well made and easy to fill and as hard as they try the squirrels can get in.

I love this nyjer 1 quart neon orange bird feeder, the birds really like this feeder, and it looks nice in my patio. I'm very happy. Thank you

This is the BEST bird feeder I've ever purchased! Still going strong after 3 years of use, and the squirrels can NOT figure it out... definitely works! I'm here to buy another one :)

By Bev L.
S&K 38" Tall Rainbow Finch Tube Bird Feeder with 18 Colorful Perching Stations

Love this feeder. Finches flock to it.

Very happy with the "wild finch tube feeder; the finch are also happy. The feeder is well made and easy to assemble. My last feeder (a like item) lasted for over five years.

Been wanting one of these for some time and finally got it as a birthday gift. Love it, funny to watch the squirrels try and get at the bird feed. Now, the only down side, once it stopped I took it inside to charge and nothing happened. I charged it for 14hrs and it still doesn't work. Had it six-months so if it's a battery issue that would be disappointing. Since there is no battery charge indicator it's hard to tell if it's the charger or battery.

I order to finch feeders and one of the hangers loop was not crimped and the other one is iffy but it is still holding out.