Garden Fountains

Garden Fountains

Garden fountains add a touch of fantasy to any garden or yard. The sound of running water has been proven to calm the nerves, making garden fountains a relaxing compliment to other outdoor garden accessories. These elegant structures look great as the centerpiece of any garden arrangement.

Our selection of garden fountains ranges from natural-looking bamboo fountains to floating lily pad fountains. All garden fountains we sell come with a money-back guarantee, ensuring that you can purchase with confidence.

I had been having a lot of algae problems, so I switched to distilled water in both my fountains starting using the Care Free Fountain Protector. It really keeps the fountains clean and the water clear, no algae at all!

I was very pleased when I recieved the hummingbird copper fountain. It takes a little time to move the leaves around to get the water to flow you want it to, but really thats not a big problem. Great product,very pleased.

It really doesn't keep my baths clean. What it does do is helps clean them as a cleaner. I use a brush with a little water and a cap of enzymes and my birdbath is clean. I will continue to buy this product

I enjoy watching it change colors, three hours is not enough.Should be from dusk to dawn. My neighbor's cat is chasing the birds away. I have to resolve that problem or the birdbath will be a waste.

This was the first brand of fountain cleaner/algicide (and I've previously tried 3 other brands) that has actually kept my fountain completely clean and prevented any algae growth. I have just purchased 3 more bottles and will continue to use in the future.

Hi, I purchased your bamboo fountain spitters. I love them and the quality was good. The fountain spitters are great and everyone comments how nice they look. It would be nice if you had more choices. Thanks

It is fabulous service and product!

Fabulous service and product!