In The Breeze Garden Ornaments

In The Breeze Garden Ornaments

Bought three of these to perch on a trellis. Adorable! My only suggestion would be to display them with some familiar object for comparison so you can correctly gauge the size (they were a little smaller than I thought).

We have Natural cedar shake siding. throughout Spring, Summer, and Fall for the two years we have lived here, woodpeckers have drummed, foraged, perched, and nested in our siding causing significant damage. I heard they are very territorial and that decoys might help. I purchased two of these, one for each end of the house. One of the live woodpeckers watched as I hung the decoys, chirping in protest. They immediately abandoned my house to establish their territory elsewhere. I highly recommend these if you have a woodpecker problem. The large plastic owl left in a tree by the prior owner had no effact.

By Millicent R.
Best For Birds Boot Brush Squirrel

Bought as a Christmas present for family with woodsy acreage and they said it was the perfect gift. It's good quality; sturdy and the brush will do the job.

It is a beautiful addition to our garden. The solar light works very well.

The product is OK. But I thought from the picture shown that it was made from wood like another one I have. I only had it out in our yard for two months and it seems to be holding up OK for now. Shipment was fast. While its an OK product, I think it was kind of way over priced for essentially some plastic.

great yard decoration. Wings are more "3D" as opposed to being flat. lays nicely on my fence bought 2!

Attractive and colorful design, relatively quality construction and easy to assemble. It is very light so overspins wildly if any substantial wind at all. I sealed and weighed down basket to slow it down and help keep vertical.

Love these in the backyard, I like all the different colors too.