Ancient Graffiti Garden Ornaments

Ancient Graffiti Garden Ornaments
Ancient Graffiti Peace Dove
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Ancient Graffiti Pair of Geese
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Ancient Graffiti Dog Staked Blue
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great yard decoration. Wings are more "3D" as opposed to being flat. lays nicely on my fence bought 2!

By Mark K.
Premier Designs Hot Air Balloon It's Five O'Clock Somewhere 22 inch

Attractive and colorful design, relatively quality construction and easy to assemble. It is very light so overspins wildly if any substantial wind at all. I sealed and weighed down basket to slow it down and help keep vertical.

Love these in the backyard, I like all the different colors too.

This was one of a pair purchased. We have placed it in the Hotel Garden by the pool and both look beautiful.

We love it and it looks beautiful in our hotel garden by the pond

Everything I was hoping for. It's cute and colorful, a wonderful addition to my backyard.

Great conversation piece at back yard parties !!!

Great conversation piece at back yard parties !!!