Gardman Bird Feeders

Gardman Bird Feeders

From its inception in 1992, Gardman set out to be the most innovative developer in the world of garden products, water features and wild bird products. More than 20 years later, Gardman has proven its name deserves to be among the top manufacturers. Gardman finch feeders and bird bath accessories are made with a quality you can expect only from a company that truly cares about its products and, more importantly, wild birds. Along with bird products, Gardman has been a pioneer in garden products, such as potting tools, hoses, soaker systems and more.

And just like you can count on Gardman to give you the best, you can also count on our fast shipping and customer service to make your purchase as smooth as possible.

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Recent Reviews - Gardman Bird Feeders

By Sharon B.
Gardman Premium 4 Station Wild Bird Feeding Kit

I absolutely LOVE my "Gardman Premium 4 Station Wild Bird Feeding Kit"! I can't believe how many birds come to my yard! Loving this!

By Donald B.
Gardman Premium 4 Station Wild Bird Feeding Kit

Put this in and the birds keep coming. Put a hummingbird feeder on it as well and we have every variety of birds one could expect. Great product and highly recommended.

By Laurie C.
Gardman Premium 4 Station Wild Bird Feeding Kit

Best Multi Station feeder - Only reason it isn't a 5-star is it's a bit close to the ground and squirrels feast daily! I get many complements on its beauty and functions.

By Bird F.
Rainbow-Gardman Large Heavy Duty Thistle Feeder

I love this feeder. Within 30 minutes I had goldfinches and later purple finches at my feeder. I never thought I would enjoy bird feeding and a friend gave me a smaller thistle feeder and now I am hooked.

By Diane W.
Rainbow-Gardman Roosting Pocket-brwn teardrop

I have located this item where I have seen finches several times. Hopefully, they will move in soon.

By Victoria M.
Gardman Pedestal Bird Bath, Verdigris

This is a nice birdbath, made of plastic & very light. It is easy to handle but might blow away if the wind is too strong and the bird bath will be empty of water.

By Bob S.
Gardman Pedestal Bird Bath, Verdigris

This is a very nice bird bath! I like it very much.

By Sarah S.
Gardman Orbis Stainless Steel Solar Light Set

it work great, fairly sturdy, and a good price for the number of items. The supplier is pretty quick too!