From harmless squirrel-resistant products to humane animal traps, Havahart ensures your animal control efforts are safe and effective. The company continues to update its technology and techniques to make products that will help keep unwanted critters off your property while keeping them safe and sound. Havahart's vision and products reaffirms the company's belief that it's important to have a heart.

When you buy a Havahart product from us, you'll get a 30-day, money-back guarantee to make sure you're 100% satisfied.

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This large trap is much better to catch squirrels than the smaller one.

These were a perfect fit. I soon learned my feeder did not need the metal plate which was easily removed. It's nice to find insert replacements as the feeders are indestructible! A heavy wire or light weight coat hanger easily replaces the wire to open the top.

The inserts fit perfectly, a good item.

When a bear took down your bird feeder your replacement parts were shipped when you said they would be and the feeder is back up. KEEP UP THE GREAT SERVICE.

Just what we needed - birds are happy again.

The replacement parts were well made and fit properly.

Have an older- 10 year+ -Hyde feeder which was pretty well beat up. Thought I would have to throw away until I found the "rebuilding kit". Everything fit as it should & now the feeder is ready for another 10 years.

The product is great. However, it is misnamed. The squirrels in my back yard are not in the least baffled by this. They hang upside down and systematically empty the chambers. Oh, well, they are fun to watch, too. The birds usually clear up the spilled seed from the ground, so all of the wildlife enjoy the seed. Thanks!