Heated Bird Bath Collection

Heated Bird Bath Collection

Does your bird bath turn into a skating rink when the temperature drops? If so, a heated bird bath may be what you need. A heated bird bath will stay balmy regardless of the weather, providing a much-welcome retreat for your feathered friends. Whether you reside in Alabama or Alaska, birds will flock to the temperate waters of a heated bird bath, providing your backyard with a healthy dose of natural beauty.

Most products in our selection of heated bird baths are ready to be shipped immediately. And like all our products, our heated bird baths are backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee, so you can be confident you’ll find the product that best fits your needs.

Awesome birdbath for the price. Stayed thawed even at 0 degrees F, with -20F windchills. Fairly easy to assemble with common tools. Cedar wood should last a long time. I added some protection by giving it a coat of linseed oil. Looks good and the birds love it.

Great item - the birds went to it within one day of setup - setup is easy for someone who is handy and has a power screwdriver - took only 5 minutes, and the anchors are a must to keep the birdbath from tipping over in the wind.

We received this bird bath as a gift three years ago and it's been going strong ever since. Some features we like: 1. Following the instructions was easy and when filled with sand, has great stability! 2. Easy to clean with a brush. 3. Doesn't over-heat and kill the heating element when it runs dry and we don't notice. 4. Squirrels and birds love it alike! This bath is used daily. 5. In -16F weather (-9C), water is not freezing and animals love it. Some features are poor: 1. Attachment of the bath to the base is loose and cannot be tightened more. This does not cause problems, however, it's a weak point in the design. 2. The plastic surface of the bath can be slippery for birds. They prefer our concrete baths over this bath during warm weather. 3. Would like this to look more like concrete and less like plastic to blend in with our yard. Overall -- this birdbath has performed well and lasted several years. We give this an excellent rating and recommend this for someone looking for a birdbath + heater combo that can be used year-round.

Came as described, very lightweight. Extension cord needed because the cord that inside the birdbath is very short. Have yet to try it over the Winter but I'm excited to use it.

For me, it would be much better if the drinking hole for birds were the same size or larger as for wildlife. Difficult to remove lid and clean. Therefore, I plan to use without the lid except when very cold.

Love my heated bird bath, the birds much more, been pretty cold, the heater keeps the water at certain temp, also seen couple birds taking a bath in the water, was a great investment for the birds, other one I had keep freezing. Would recommend to others. Was no problem setting it up- simple and easy

We purchased this bath for our pet Muscovy Duck. It has been a pleasure not fighting ice this winter, it does not even freeze on the edges. It was a great investment!

I absolutely love my new heated birdbath and my little birdies do too! We've had below freezing temps for awhile and the bath works great. I have to refill it almost every day because the birds take lots of baths and splash it all out. Very entertaining to watch them hop and dance and splash around. Just a few days ago, I was refilling the bath when a thirsty little Siskin landed inches from my hand. He took a good long look at me, decided he was safe and helped himself to several dainty little sips before he hopped in and splashed around. I was delighted and I thank Backyard Chirper for that experience and the fun to come. I really like the design and material used for the bath as well. It's super easy to clean- just wipe it out, no scrubbing needed. I definitely recommend this heated bath. Very pleased with my purchase!

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