Homestead Bird Feeders

Homestead Bird Feeders

The joy of bird feeding can be summed up with what it gives you: the ability to experience nature from the comfort of your own backyard. Homestead bird feeders make it easier than ever to attract a wide array of species to your yard. Homestead sells various bird products like hummingbird nectar, mounting equipment and decorative bird feeders that you can depend on for years.

When you buy a Homestead birding product from us, you also get the reassurance of our 30-day, money-back guarantee and friendly customer service.

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I have tried several types of hummingbird food and am celebrating having finally found one that several types hummingbirds love! There is no need to tax the kidneys of our hummingbirds with needless and harmful red dye as this clear solution does a remarkable job of attracting the hummingbirds without the red dye. 5 star rating for my feeders!

Good quality product. Great company to deal with. My granddaughter enjoys watching the squirrel antics!

Love the feeder. Clear acrylic piece was real cloudy and brittle. Just got new one from Apollo which is a division of Homestead.

Most popular feeder in town - added a hoop so the BIRDS could have it instead of my 4 dogs - it's all great!

Built like a tank! Brilliant design. I have yet to see a squirrel get to the food. They are relegated to eating whatever the birds kick out to the ground. The super tough powder coat finish is so slick that the squirrels slide right off. A little awkward figuring out how to assemble at first but it became easier. Fantastic feeder for the price!

The fourth one we've owned in a out 12 years. Easy to fill, and the birds always come to it and feed. After a while, the plastic breaks down, and being outside, and used year round in Ohio weather, it's in need of replacement. We still think it's a very good product. The one we just got is waiting for spring to return, and then we'll set it up.

I am very pleased with the finch sacks! They are good quality and the finches seem to love them! Plus they look very pretty with the designs on them! I highly recommend these!

I bought The chipper because it was advertised as squirrel proof. After installing it and testing against persistent squirrels I concluded It is truly squirrel proof. So it gets my highest rating.