Heritage Farms Hopper Feeder Selection

Heritage Farms Hopper Feeder Selection

The best feeder for wet weather I have ever seen. Birds have actually increased since installing this design. The old conventional feeder would clog up after a rein and was a pain to clean out. Just keep it filled and forget it for a week or so. I cannot understand other post that states they have no birds dining at their new feeder. I have 2 of these feeders on a single T stand and I have as many as 12 birds of all kinds feeding together. No (CONS) except I might spend too much time watching the little rascals feeding.

Well constructed, The birds are very happy. The sides keep seeds from being tossed to the ground. The plastic wood is good for the environment and lasts in our harsh sun.

I have developed a strong preference for "fly through" bird feeders. I have been using them for several years because they protect the seed from rainy weather. A side benefit is that our relatively frequent bear visitors find it easier to steal bird seed from these feeders without destroying the feeders. Another plus is the metal mesh bottom that makes cleaning easier. I could not find "fly through" feeders in my city and even in a "birding" store 70 miles away. Luckily, I found these feeders on line after a bit of searching. They were exactly what I wanted, the price was reasonable, and the shipping was prompt. I purchased 4 to replace 2 damaged feeders and to have 2 in reserve.

Built with quality materials. Lid design for filling feeder could be better.

Built with quality materials. Lid design for filling feeder could be better.

The birds love it and I love watching the birds

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