Hummingbird Feeder Collection

Hummingbird Feeder Collection

Despite being one of the tiniest bird species on the planet, hummingbirds are known as some of the most exciting birds to watch. A high-quality hummingbird feeder is key to attracting a flock of these energetic birds, which primarily feed on nectar from flowers. A hummingbird feeder can come in styles from ceramic to contemporary glass designs. They are usually filled with sugar water, which makes them easy to clean and maintain.

A window bird feeder often makes the best hummingbird feeder, as it allows you to view the rapidly beating wings of a humming bird from the comfort of your own home. Every hummingbird feeder we sell is covered by our 100% money-back guarantee--like all of our products--so you can be confident you'll get the product that fits your needs.

The birds love it. It is made well.

I finally found a hummingbird feeder that doesn't leak. It having a lid that removes from the top makes refilling a breeze and with no mess. Also, my hummingbirds love it!

By I C.
Opus 10 oz Glass Hummingbird Bird Feeder

It has helped cut down on the "other" birds coming to the feeder because only the Hummer can hover while feeding. However, there are still some finches that will grasp onto the plastic bottom ridge and swing to make the nectar drip. So.... I continue to search for a fool proof feeder that will only attract the hummingbirds. The ease of cleaning and filling this feeder is wonderful however.

It works well and the birds like it. The wide mouth makes it easy to fill and clean. I don't have to use a funnel, as I did with the older model. The little yellow bee guards that pop in and out are a great new feature. Thank you.

By Kathy C.
Artline 32 Ounce Horizontal Stripe Balloon Hummingbird Bird Feeder

I have had several of these and the hummers are really attracted to them. I'm looking to order a couple more because the squirrels got to them and knocked them from their hanger on my deck, which is 18 feet off the ground, and they either busted when they hit the ground or the squirrels chewed up the flowers and broke the perches. I've been using these for many years, and love them. Can't wait to get new ones. I won't let the squirrels get to them this time!

I have had the feeder for over 10 years, and live in Scottsdale, AZ where temperatures in the summer are most often over 100 degrees. This has been a wonderful feeder, however after all these years I need to purchase another as the bottom under the metal feeding area is plastic and the heat has caused the outer flange to disintegrate. I definitely recommend this style for both beauty and use. I have hummers all year long.

I have bought several of these over the years. I have hundreds of hummers each year in my garden. I needed something large enough so I didn't spend my life refilling nectar jars. These are great. That being said, the bottles are plastic and grow brittle with exposure to sunlight. I place mine up under the eves in our old house where no sunlight can reach them. Also, we have stone floors. If I drop one of the bottles, it WILL break. I have been very pleased with my purchase. One other not is cleaning. It is almost impossible to get a brush done inside of them. I soaked mine in a solution of Hydrogen Peroxide and some Clorox. Be sure to rinse many times before using!!!!

I have over 50 hummers each year and the 8 cups of liquid each holds. Not good for sunlit area as the plastic darkens and gets brittle.