Hummingbird Feeder Collection

Hummingbird Feeder Collection

Despite being one of the tiniest bird species on the planet, hummingbirds are known as some of the most exciting birds to watch. A high-quality hummingbird feeder is key to attracting a flock of these energetic birds, which primarily feed on nectar from flowers. A hummingbird feeder can come in styles from ceramic to contemporary glass designs. They are usually filled with sugar water, which makes them easy to clean and maintain.

A window bird feeder often makes the best hummingbird feeder, as it allows you to view the rapidly beating wings of a humming bird from the comfort of your own home. Every hummingbird feeder we sell is covered by our 100% money-back guarantee--like all of our products--so you can be confident you'll get the product that fits your needs.

I have 2 of these and yes they are great for filling nectar, but during the warmer temperatures when the bees/wasps/ants are out in full force , it 's not great. Even with having the bee guards it doesn't keep them away. Also when the feeders are busy with bees it keeps the hummers away. So I use the bottle type here, for winter use only and the flat dish style for the summer months.

Great product! Easy to clean and hang. The hummingbirds like the perch and the color. Will be ordering more for the spring.

I own 5 of these feeders (2 were purchased about 5 yrs. ago. I added another 3 about 1 1/2 yrs. ago.) They work as well, now, as the day they were purchased. The hummingbirds love this feeder. I ordered two more, a month ago, as a Christmas gift for a dear friend. She said she'd start feeding the hummers when she could find feeders like mine. They absolutely do not leak, hold 3/4 cup of hummer syrup (homemade). We live in Oregon and I feed year-round. The Schrodt Ruby feeder is the only feeder I will use.

Gets air locked and I must manually tilt it a bit to let air escape or bottom empties and yet top has plenty. Weird. Otherwise I love the look and amount it holds.

Seems well made. Next time I will purchase a more vertical feeder so that it is less easy to tip out some of the liquid while hanging it up.

It's a great Humming bird feeder,easy to maintain,just the right size for us.

Love the ease of cleaning and filling this humming bird feeder. Also I was impressed with your customer service. Wonderful people to deal with. Thank you for a happy experience!!!

I had a previous version of this feeder and wanted to replace it. I could not find a suitable one locally, so I began to search. Finally on this site I found what I was looking for! This is a great feeder! Easily refillable and The hummers are at it all day long.