Platform Feeder Selection

Platform Feeder Selection

A platform feeder is a great fit for those just beginning the hobby of bird feeding, as it is hassle-free to set up and simple to fill. Unlike a hopper feeder, which is hung from branches or awnings, a platform bird feeder either rests on a pedestal or is mounted on a bird feeder pole. It is also ideal because of its ability to serve both ground-feeding and perching birds.

Platform bird feeders are available in a number of stylish designs, including popular fly-through models, which feature an open-air wood frame that is particularly attractive to shy birds. Each and every platform feeder at the Backyard Chirper is sold at an affordable price, allowing you to experience the pleasure of bird feeding without breaking the bank.

I absolutely LOVE my "Gardman Premium 4 Station Wild Bird Feeding Kit"! I can't believe how many birds come to my yard! Loving this!

Feeder is larger and much more sturdy than my old one, which squirrels broke when they thought they were birds

Delighted!! We had a feeder like this for eight to ten years and living near the ocean it had become rather aged. The store where it was purchased closed due to a tragic car accident killing the owners. After searching many websites for a replacement, I found Backyard Chirper. It is the exact duplicate of the feeder we had. It is well constructed, seed is covered to stay dry, and has a wide platform for many birds to feed together. The top raises for easy refilling. Perfect for a free standing feeder and easy for the birds to fly onto and eat. I have seen as many as nine Doves feeding at a time.

This is our first fly-thru feeder and we love it. It is very well built, looks nice, and for once it's great to be able to see and enjoy ALL the birds that come to the feeder; not just the ones who landed on the side we could see. I have no regrets in purchasing this feeder and if you're new to fly-thru feeders, this one is well worth it.

I really like this tray feeder and so do the birds!

It is a good product but it allows squirrels & other animals to crawl inside and prevent birds from getting there

By Jo Ann W.
Birds Choice Cedar 17" x 14" Open Platform Bird Feeder

A sturdy, easy to install flat bird feeder. The birds that visit my feeder enjoy it immensely!

I've been looking for a large platform feeder for some time and this one fills the bill. The high roof makes the feeder open and airy. We recently had 16 inches of snow and the roof did a great job of keeping the seed protected. It's well-made and is quite attractive. It is a bird magnet.

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