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For years, S&K Manufacturing has brought birds to its customers by building quality feeders and the most respected Purple Martin houses out there. The family-owned business supports American workmanship through several noble programs for disadvantaged citizens and understands the importance of delivering the best products possible.

When you buy our S&K Manufacturing bird feeders, you get the added benefit of our reliable customer service and lightning-fast shipping. Browse our wide selection today.

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I have been buying this tube feeder for years... love it!!!! Holds enough seed to last all day and I get lots of birds. And the colored posts shine in sunlight!

It is a beautiful design and the Martins came but the fasteners that hold it together are awful they do not stay in I had to duct tape mine to keep roof in. A little disappointed

I placed my feeder in the tree and within 15 minutes it was completely full. This feeder twirls with the least little bit of breeze. The finches love it.

I have purchased 3 of these and they are great, except, the thinn wire used always breaks and this one had several extra holes in it.

I have owned several of these in the past. The finches love them!

Very easy to assemble and hopefully will attract some martins this season

I am replacing 4 that have lasted me 10 years. It is a very good product and my birds love them.

By Bev L.
S&K 38" Tall Rainbow Finch Tube Bird Feeder with 18 Colorful Perching Stations

Love this feeder. Finches flock to it.