Homestead Squirrel Feeder Collection

Homestead Squirrel Feeder Collection

Was a Christmas gift for my dad and just what he wanted. Found it to be a great deal as checked on similar items at twice the price.

No mounting hardware . The hole provided on the house are pin hole size and of a very poor design and if nails were used washers would be required. The glass jar is very non friendly and resistant to place into house after filling with seed. That struggle would take it's toll on mounting hardware. Some edges are very sharp. Requires some reviews by makers of this product.

Good quality product. Great company to deal with. My granddaughter enjoys watching the squirrel antics!

I like this squirrel feeder because it is simple to fill. Just put an ear of corn in it. It is a simple design and great for hanging in the tree in front of my kitchen window.

Want to slow those little buggers down a little so they don't eat you out of house and home? Get a Squirrel Arrow feeder. It is hilarious to sit back and watch the squirrels spin around on the spinner. It also slows them down a little eating the corn and you get free entertainment.

By Dru H.
Songbird Cedar Squirrel Throne

The squirrels now have a plaftorm to sit on while eating their corn on the cob. I very pleased with it.

We gave this item to someone for Christmas and as far as I know they are satisfied with it. I have not seen it in action but they have enjoyed watching the squirrels use it.

This is fantastic feeder. We try to attract squirrels away from our many bird feeders and this does the trick. They were very curious and a little timid at first however they quickly learned how to get in. We put in peanuts, sunflower seeds and ears of corn. They seem to like it all. We even have 2 flying squirrels that come at night to feed. Only problem is keeping it filled because they eat so much.