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Everyone has an archenemy. Peter Pan has Captain Hook. Superman has Lex Luthor. Bird feeders have squirrels. But thanks to products from Squirrel Stopper, bird feeders no longer have anything to fear. The company was founded after two bird lovers discovered they were spending outrageous amounts of money on bird seed, thanks to merciless squirrels. After several trials, they finally invented a true squirrel-proof feeder by using a spring-activated baffle that stopped the mighty squirrel in its tracks.

Squirrel Stopper baffles remain one of the best squirrel stoppers out there. We believe in Squirrel Stopper so much that we're attaching our own 30-day, money-back guarantee, so we know you're 100% satisfied.

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By Dianne S.
Squirrel Stopper The Squirrel Stopper White

We highly recommend this bird feeder to anyone who loves feathered friends as much as we do. It is very attractive, and allows one to hang several feeders on one pole. A huge plus is how it prohibits pesky squirrels from climbing the pole to eat from the feeders.

By Joanne P.
Squirrel Stopper The Squirrel Stopper White

I am very pleased with my Squirrel Stopper in white. It is is decorative as I have hung two hanging plants on it, two bird feeders, a small water container and a hanging bird bath. The birds love it and the squirrels cannot get up on it at all. So, I am thrilled. I was so happy to find it in white in particular for this tree design.

The birds and I love it, the squirrels, well not so much. Great product!

The baffle works great! The unit must be placed away from trees to be truly squirrel proof.

AWESOME! I'm a Vermont boy, and retired to Florida, so I'm no stranger to squirrels,etc. I love birds, and spend a GREAT deal of time observing them, I live now in an isolated area, deep in the tall pines,and a haven for squirrels. The Squirrel Stopper is perfect. I was initially hesitant about the price, but 100% SATISFIED, because of quality, construction and ease of install, and obviously perfect construction (it works!!!!). Item came packed well, easy instructions,and again ,sound,and rugged, well made, I was impressed!! I have had it two months or more now, squirrels have given up and birds enjoy the feeders,in addition, its also an attractive piece,thanks!

I have just put the feeder together,seems well made, will install as soon as I get a chance, looking forward to watching the birds.

This is one of the best bird feeder poles we have had. Squirrels have only looked at it so far and did not even try. The auger makes it very easy to set the pole even in rocky clay soil. At first I thought we would never get it in to the required depth but it works and the pole stands as a rock and straight! Looks great!

By Suzanne C.
Squirrel Stopper The Squirrel Stopper White

It does exactly what it claims to do! It takes the birds a couple weeks to get used to it but once they do they're all over it. It ended all the squirrel problems and we see lots more birds and lots less squirrels.