Suet Feeder Selection

Suet Feeder Selection

A suet feeder can come in almost any size or design, from a squirrel-proof plantation cage to an ornate bird chalet. What they share is the common ingredient inside. Suet is a mixture of fruit, seed, peanut butter and other grains that are processed to form a cake that acts as a high source of protein and energy for many bird species. One of the benefits of a suet feeder is that it doesn't have the mess potential of other grain feeders.

A suet feeder will attract a huge variety of birds, such as blue jays, chickadees and magpies, so be prepared to welcome plenty of new friends to your yard. And don't forget, suet feeders, like all our products, come with a 30-day money-back guarantee, so you can rest assured you'll get the product that matches your needs.

It is a good thing I know how to repair things. The first couple of days the bigger birds tried to get to the food, they broke the chain on top and when it hit the ground the lid keepers bent and the lid would not stay closed. I got some of my nylon braided cord out and replaced the lid keepers and made a new tether that replaced the chain. Now ti works great and I have no problems.

We bought this for the little birds and not for squirrels this keeps the big birds from eating the suet and we love it

Best suet feeder ever! I've fed birds for years and tried many ways to feed woodpeckers without starlings eating all the suet but never found a feeder that worked. Now the woodpeckers are happy and so am I!

Nice product. Will keep suet cakes cleaner and protected.

Feeder is larger and much more sturdy than my old one, which squirrels broke when they thought they were birds

I just love this bird house suet feeder, as my birds and woodpeckers do too. It is so cute and unusual. Anybody who sees it always complements. I am on my third one. The only complaint is it doesn't weather well or stand up the birds beaks, claws, etc, and the occasional squirrel hanging on. I had read somewhere about putting 3 coats of clear polyurethane spray on it to make it last longer. I did that (it's nice and shiny) and am hoping it will last longer-time will tell. Otherwise, highly recommend.

It has reduced the number of suet cakes that we have to buy. It didn't take long for the birds to learn how to get inside the cage to eat the suet. The woodpecker and still get to the suet.

The feeder keeps the squirrel out. The chain is weak, it broke after about a month.

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