Songbird Cedar Wild Bird Food

Songbird Cedar Wild Bird Food

Very pleased, birds came the second day it was up no squirrels. Hope to order again.

Our first hummingbird feeder purchase, was at a Wild Birds Unlimited store in an area we visited during a vacation a few months back, and this brand was the hummer feeder solution they recommended. Since then we noticed a closer store like this to us did not carry feed solutons like this, only C&H sugar and wouldn't try to get this. With all my other jobs, I didn't want to spend a lot of time prepping the "boil water first" solution, every three or so days. When I found Backyardchirper had it as well as the feeder cleaning brushes package, and it was available in a "safe natural dye" red color I thought I'd try this color version. It has increased the number of hummers and takes a few minutes compared to about 15. I'll be ordering this from you again soon.

This is my second year for purchasing the ant guard, only problem can't find them either they sell out fast or they are not stocking enough products it really does the job and always nice to see a nice clean feeder

Fantastic product. The birds can't seem to get enough.

Very easy to use not many butterflies yet the weather is nuts.

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