Blue HandWorks Wind Chimes

Blue HandWorks Wind Chimes

Items arrived promptly and in good shape.

By Sharon B.
Woodstock Chimes Asli Bamboo Sailboat Chime

It's nice. I would have liked larger bamboo chimes.

Everyone who hears these chimes agrees with me that they are the "Cadillac of Windchimes!" They are so beautiful, and relaxing. I couldn't like them better! The finish will hold up well too, as they are near my saltwater pool! My neighbors have even complimented them!

It took me quite some time to choose the wind chime I had in mind. This one is definitely the right one. I love it's low, calming tones! It's so well made - all in the state of Texas, United States of America!

My niece loves her wind chime. I already had mine and she wanted one for Christmas. My is 10 years old and still looks new. I had to read the name on the piece of wood to find out where it came from. Went on line and ordered it in less than 5 minutes. I received it within 5 days!

My daughter and son-in-law bought me Waltzing Matilda chimes for Christmas and then I discovered there were so many more! Have been on a bit of a buying frenzy - I LOVE LOVE LOVE wind chimes! - and to my delight found Backyard Chirper WILL post large Woodstock Chimes to Australia! They have pride of place, along with the Gregorian Tenor chimes which arrived within 10 days of ordering. Now THAT is SERVICE!

I've had this item for years and our daughter wanted one too; your pre-Christmas sale made that possible -- and she was delighted beyond belief. great item, great price, great service. my thanks to you!

I purchased the Anne rooster as a gift and was amazed at how detailed it was .Very good product.